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8 U.S. Senators Have Been Officially Investigating The Deep State Since 2006

Updated: Mar 13

Patrick Byrnes, a man with a history of investigating the Wall Street crash of 2008 and saw the media propaganda machine for what it was when he laid this out to 30 other CEO's in a meeting in 2006 which he stated, "the miscreants are selling billions of dollars of stock that simply does not exist - phantom stock. They have destroyed hundreds of public companies for profit. Some journalists, meanwhile, are “crooked.” They’re “lickspittles.” They are famous journalists and they cover up the miscreants’ crimes. They attack all who oppose them." He then warned as many as he could about the upcoming collapse, but as we know with history his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Later on after building up a relationship with the FBI Patrick was invited for a meeting at the senate, "I was called back to DC. I was told to come alone. I walked into a room to find a group of Senators waiting for me, led by Chairman Specter... At least eight senior Senators... 3-4 Democrats and 4-5 Republicans". The Senators had admitted they knew there was some form of systemic corruption but, "They were not even sure what it was, but that it was like it was a foreign nation subverting our government yet they could not pinpoint it, and they had learned that it could not even be fought from within the government." They then gave him this task going by Patrick's recollection: "The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary requests that Patrick M. Byrne be afforded extraordinary latitude under the laws of the United States of America to pursue his activities investigating and disrupting corruption within the federal government.". This is important because the Senate Judiciary Committee is the highest authority on corruption in the government. They can prosecute anyone with impunity.

Let's talk about these implications alone, so the Deep State exists. There is an oligarchy running the world behind the scenes, something we all knew but most never cared about. He then set about trying to figure out how to take down the Deep State.

In summary, he set up a sting operation on two Deep State suspects, the Directors of the FBI and the CIA in which he made them unknowingly sign off on an illegal fake order. This fake order covered up a lie that Patrick Byrnes had drugged, raped, and intended to kill Maria Butina. He also set up a separate sting on Hillary Clinton to bait her into taking foreign campaign aid. The sting worked. They took the bait, and then Patrick had handed over the reigns of prosecution to Attorney General Bill Barr in April 2019 where people have been acting on this information. (Feel free to read the full story in the source below)

Patrick Byrne's motives behind releasing this story clearly aren't for monetary or personal gain. This becomes evident with what happened to his company right after, "The release... sent the company’s shares plummeting more than 30 percent over the next two days...". In addition to this Patrick resigned from his company as well. He also has had his integrity vouched for by multiple people, and even on fox news and allegedly turned down a Billion dollar deal to remain silent.

So this leaves the question, we know the Deep State is real and we know they are being targeted by legitimate entities of the U.S. Government, why hasn't anything on a big scale happened yet? Well there is proof of all these charges, and its even displayed on a government website. According to pacer.gov, there are 200,000 sealed federal indictments just waiting to be opened. These are big player court summons that only get approved by a secret Grand Jury and the second the seal is released, there will be arrests. I contend that this proves that its not a matter of if but when the Deep State will be taken down. They have been gathering too much information on these target and can easily threaten this system which is only held together by blackmail.

The White Hats Exist.