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Millie Weaver: The Mastermind Whistleblower Behind ShadowGate

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

ShadowGate has been revealed through a documentary about what has been happening to our country. Censorship, invading of our constitutional rights, privacy hacks. Weaver reveals a cyclical plot, played by Republicans and Democrats, numerous public federal agencies, and a multitude of tax payer sponsored private intelligence contractors to remove President Donald Trump from office, and how it this all came together.

Mrs. Weaver was working with Info Wars and Alex Jones. In this tweet posted on August 19, 2020 she mentioned her and Alex have cut ties.

As many of us have known for quite some time Alex Jones is nothing more than a half-truthing gatekeeper puppet who openly explained that Soros tried to get him on payroll on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Upon further investigation, its been alleged that due to the conspiratorial nature of the video it has been banned from Youtube. While searching for it on YouTube, it was taken down due to "hate speech" and other community breeches according to their code of conduct.

If shadowgate wasn't a threat, why would it be censored? We can all see how this makes no sense. If it is not true then why is it being deplatformed?

Millie and her husband were both arrested and taken from their home just before this documentary was set to be released. The cover story reports say it was due to burglary from her mother and breaking her mother's phone. It is very coincidental that she is taken from her home in front of her children and arrested after creating Shadowgate. Makes one wonder...

It has been alleged that she received secret indictments of tampering with evidence, domestic violence, and obstruction of justice. Here is the video of her being arrested:

For all of those saying she was not arrested her is the Ohio custody record:

Now why would they clear their board of directors page and contractors page?

Here's a video of the unprofessional Portage County Sheriffs, asking her if she would prefer to have their guns drawn? Back in April earlier this year.

Article By:

Deborah Cohen

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