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Have Police Been Given “Stand-Down” Orders in the Midst of Riots?: An Urgent Message for Americans

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Header Image: (Time Magazine)

A confidential source who is a high-ranking Officer within the Fort Worth Police Department supplied me with information that he believed was extremely important for the public to hear.

“We have been given stand-down orders from the top. If you own a business or a house, you need to be present, guarding it from looters and rioters, ready to exercise your 2nd amendment right.” - Confidential Source (Ft Worth PD)

The implications of this statement are astounding. If rioters set fire to your home or business with your family or employees inside, the police “have been given stand-down orders from the top?”

This means that they have been ordered to refrain from intervening. This is terrifying and raises more questions than it answers, that much is for certain.

My source told me that he was honestly repulsed by the orders and wanted to make sure that people are aware of the fact that they are on their own right now, the police will not be able to help you. Whether or not this applies to the entire state, or country is unknown at this time, however it was stated that the orders “came from the top.”

I asked the Officer whether or not there was any talk within the law enforcement community as to who may be responsible for turning these constitutionally protected protests into violent, criminal riots.

His response was chilling.

I‘ll paraphrase here:

“This appears to be an elaborate set up that began with COVID-19. Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic there was a long standing law that you could not wear a mask during a protest. Of course, for the last several months, the use of masks has been heavily promoted by the media and government healthcare officials. There are multiple groups out here protesting, some of which are peaceful Americans exercising their God-given right to assemble and demonstrate behind a legitimate cause, and the others are a part of a very elaborate insurrection plan that is being executed by a domestic terrorist group known as ANTIFA. These rioters seem to have somehow acquired and organized secure comms, resupply routes, large amounts of funding behind them and a structure that includes advanced leadership.” - Confidential Source (Ft Worth PD)

My source also informed me that it is his belief, and that of many others in his department, that ANTIFA is being funded and supported by George Soros and company in an attempt to destroy the United States and stage a coup of the US Government.

Whether this is all true or not, I will leave to you the reader, to decide for yourself at this time.

I will continue to investigate and report on this subject but until then, I urge all homeowners and business owners to stay armed, stay alert, and keep your head on a swivel.

Please do not succumb to the ploy of racism, these violent actions are not solely the responsibility of the African-American community in our country. There is footage of just as many, if not more, white Americans inciting the riots and taking violent actions, inflicting terror and destruction of property in our communities.

Stay safe, remain vigilant, and please remember that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.


Story by:

Chris Deluge

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