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RC The Rapper's New Summer Anthem & Official Music Video #JustSayNo Featuring Chris Sky

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Conrad "RC" Goodsir - RC The Rapper

Conrad "RC" Goodsir a.k.a. RC The Rapper was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He has always lived in Edmonton with the exception of a few years in L.A when he attended the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA to study audio engineering.

These days RC is a one man show; an expert in videography, photography, and music production who creates all his own content. He currently works at a recording studio and spends much of his time working with other local artists.

RC started writing and rapping at the age of 15 and has been doing so ever since, but he has never really put himself out there until NOW. In light of events over the last year and a half, RC knew that he couldn't stay in the shadows any longer. The end game was upon us and it was time to put his gift to use. He has always been a truth seeker; searching for a deeper understanding of the world. A skeptical yet open mind and careful research has brought him many interesting places which he now infuses into his music.

RC believes that truth is stranger than fiction and that World War 3 is a spiritual war and is already underway. The territory in dispute is our individual soul, and collective consciousness. He thinks our greatest hope for humanity is to wake up to our true nature.

He aims to light the path for others who can feel that "something isn't right." He wants to give them the knowledge and the courage to grow into our God given rights and our true potential, for ourselves and for all generations to come.

"It's time to take back the culture because the truth is out there. I like asking tough questions that make people think. Thinking leads to understanding." - Conrad Goodsir.

So he's leading by example and doing everything he can for freedom. RC has been attending rallies speaking, performing and making friends all across the prairies in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Connecting with all of these individuals has provided RC with many opportunities including his latest endeavor, which was joining forces with Chris Sky!

On Tuesday May 25th, RC dropped his new music video for his new song #JUSTSAYNO featuring Chris Sky, available below on Rumble, YouTube and archived here within this article.

He will be performing his new song in his hometown of Edmonton for the first time with Chris Sky LIVE in person on Wednesday May 26th behind the Legislature building - and Chamber is in session that day, so hopefully the government gets the message loud and clear!

Free Download MP3: RC The Rapper - #JustSayNo

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