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The Assimilation Of The First Nations People Of Canada

Updated: Mar 13

Welcome, I’d like the set the stage for us all today to learn about the history, or rather, the forbidden history of our proud country, Canada. I have been wanting for years to do a write up on this. And this isn’t meant to be biased, as yes I know, racism is an issue in Canada. We have all kinds of races here. Pick any one, they are here. And I open my arms to those who want to be friendly with Canadians, not those who demand we change because they came here. Peaceful and loving peoples will always have a place in my heart, the world doesn’t have to be the way it is. We can do something. We can change it. But, how do we change it? By learning the history and stopping the repeating mistakes our forefathers and founders, where they failed 250+ years ago, I think we as a people can make astute observations and show them we are better than they were.

So I would like to start by telling you all a story. This is what happened to me. I was 7 at the time. It was 1999, in a smaller town at the time I think it was fifteen thousand population. Mostly white, not a lot of coloured people, but enough that everyone knew about them. At the time mostly African Americans and Natives. I’m a quarter native, Cree to be exact. Northern Alberta. At the time, I can remember being one the 3 colour kids in school. I knew it, and they reminded me of it incessantly.

So at the time I was in grade 2 at this point. I didn’t really know any other native people. I had one though. He made me a medicine bag. I loved it. I know I didn’t see him often. So the bag was extremely special to me. Well at school I had the usual, met with my friends. Ran into the usual bully, they either did something or they didn’t. Most days they did, and the days they didn’t were enjoyed. One day, the three of them. Keeping their names to my self. They were in grade 8, so bigger than me. They cornered me, pushed me around, yelling their usual banter about what they’ve learned in the history classes the knew. They pushed me to the ground and the Big Boy of the three climbed on top of me while the other two stood beside him. They pulled the medicine bag from my neck and mocked me for believing in it. The three passed it around laughing all around, and threw it over the school fence and into the bush.

Now you would think that the school administration would handle something like that, right? No. It was 1999, it was more of the same. Nothings really changed. So as most parents did, they talked to the principal about it. The three boys weren’t going to be getting into trouble, but neither was I. The principal at the time said, “If he wasn’t flaunting his heritage, maybe he wouldn’t get beaten up by the others all the time.” And of course the usual “Boys will be boys”. Flaunting, a medicine bag, which at the time really didn’t mean anything to me besides the material part the medicine meaning was beyond me at the point. I was young and didn’t know anything about my heritage except what I was taught, and how others treated me.

1999, you would’ve thought maybe thing would’ve been better back then. Maybe you thought this post was going to address the ongoing problem south of us in the United States of America. That is not what I am going address. This is closer to home for me, and you the reader providing you are Canadian. This is about the assimilation of the cultures, and life styles they lived. Through what the government called “progress”, can’t stand in the way of progress; you’ll be civilized from this. We will all benefit. Strong words. Takings lands, building pipe lines. And while we do those modern things we don’t understand. We’re also going to “educate” your children.

Canadian Residential Schools

What do you know about the residential schools? Take a moment, jot down what you know; and rumours you’ve heard. Think about it for a moment. It is at this point I will be dropping links and stating facts. So I want to look at the purposes of residential schools.

“Two primary objectives of the residential school system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal. Indeed, some sought, as it was infamously said, “to kill the Indian in the child.” Today, we recognize that this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, formal apology, June 11th 2008

Assimilation, that is not a word we hear every day. Assimilation by definition.

There is a lot of information right there. In what I have already written. The line from Stephen Harper’s apology, “to kill the Indian in the child”. In what world is it okay to torment and abuse a child for something they can not control? Our world. That’s where. Residential schools started opening in 1831, the Mohawk Institute started taking boarders in Brantford Ontario. And the last one up and running was closed in 1996. In Punnichy, Saskatchewan. But from what I have been told, they didn’t start opening until 1876, with the creation of the Indian Act, so why is it that we’re told 1876, but really 1831? It was running for 45 years before the Indian Act. There’s basically no information on that time period. We can either assume it was running the same way it did after, or it was somehow worse. Nine days before Stephen Harpers apology in 2008. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee was asked to look into the severity of Residential Schools, in 2015 they announced that their findings proved it to be Cultural Genocide.

Canada created the schools, and Christian churches under the Vatican administered them. Based of the information already shown, the children were forcibly taken from their homes families and friends, taken across country. To be taught how to be civilized. What exactly does it mean to be “civilized”? They were taught to read and speak, in either English or French. They were told to not speak their native languages, some schools even penalized them for speaking them, others schools beat the children if they spoke it. The premise was for these schools to teach children social and vocational skills, so they could integrate and join Canadian society and get a job. But if that were the outcome, and so simple, why am I writing about this today? Between physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, malnourishment, and an overwhelming presence of cognitive dissonance. These children never stood a chance. The mental attacks on the natives shows its self in even the simplest ways, most don’t even notice or know the truth. Technically for one race, the government has given us four names. Indian, Aboriginal, Indigenous, and Native American. To add the pile, they were told their beliefs and life styles were wrong. Savages living in huts, believing in animals and the sanctity of nature. Honour the Earth and her children. Leaving very little foot prints. All wrong, we must worship God. And join civilization. Follow your King/Queen. Obey our laws. Step out of line and suffer. An imperial peace. That’s not true peace. The Natives lived true, and honest peace. They are the stewards of this Earth. And we have done them an injustice. But we are not done yet. But you’re starting to see the picture being painted. I believe that Black lives matter. But if we are going to address social injustices, let’s just remember that Natives in Canada have been treated just as badly if not worse. Attack me for that sure whatever, race is a stupid mentality and pride we all have. We are all one and it’s not about race gender or anything. It’s about love and loving each other. We are all Brothers and Sisters now.

I have shown you a lot. But not enough yet. There is this 7 page PDF that should be read as well, it touches up on the politics side of this, and what the TRC did. The TRC website.

So, we have talked about some of the problems. But there are some left unaddressed. We know the Canadian side of it, but not who made Canada do it. We haven’t talked about the cover ups. And videos of the survivors. And the mass graves. More political cover ups. An out standing arrest warrant. And plenty of coincidental suicides that happened. And the involvement of the Royal Family; and the Vatican.

So what does the government gain from stealing children, many without proper IDs. That can theoretically go missing and no one would know. Well we know in Montreal, they practiced and played with MK ULTRA, MK SEARCH, and MK BURN. Mind altering drugs, mind control, shock therapy, straight jacket sessions, last days to weeks. What an easy way to assimilate a population cheaply. Brain washing, and potential “mind-control”, I won’t delve into MK ULTRA, but is something you should look into.

When the children who are now adults, were thrusted back into a society that they were never taught about. They were trapped in limbo. The knew just enough to be homeless in the new world to them. And forgot and became too unbalanced to return back home and be with their families again. A person stuck in the middle of two worlds by them selves with no one their to back them doesn’t have many options. Substance abuse, Crime with other brothers and sisters to use the knowledge they actually learned – Violence. And when they settle down, they make their homes. And because of the vicious cycle they’ve been taught their whole existence, the chances of them abusing their kids, abusing narcotics, alcohol, etc. Is high. Very high. Now add into account the majority of Natives live on reserve, bad areas to live. No job. No money. House is falling apart. Can’t fix it. Government turns their back on them. Alone from everything with no means to survive. We arrive at the last option. Suicide.

The wiki above mentioned grave news to this, death toll percentage, missing children, dead children, and mass graves. Beaten to death. Starved to death. Tortured to death. The list goes on, the Canadian government and the Churches involved, straight to the royal family and the Vatican coming to visit and take part. Right up to the top, their suffering was a sense of ecstasy for them. Let me remind you, before there were birth certificates and other identification. A person could die and no one would know. And even into the 1900s the remote reservations for the Natives were so far out of the way they still didn’t have any ID. These children were technical ghosts to their system. The only way we know they were there is through the fragmented administration logs, the ones that remain that is. If these children didn’t comply and conform to the new agenda displayed, they would be punished. If they retaliated, more severe punishments would come. It their behaviour persisted. They wouldn’t survive. I am going to post a series of news articles pertaining to this. Different sources around Canada. All talking about the same thing, Mass Graves.

I can understand, 1831, it was a different time. We all know life was harder then. Doesn’t excuse this though. But why did it go on for so long? 1996. That’s 24 years ago. And this was still happening. They got an apology, sure. Now look at the Black history, we’ve all heard about it and learned about it. Why haven’t we heard about this. We’ve heard about slaves being sacrificed and tortured and raped, but we haven’t heard about Canada abusing it’s own power to do the same to children of a different race. Most slaves were adults as they wanted labour. All of the natives forced into these schools were children to bring about a prosperous generation of natives to integrate both cultures. We heard about freeing the slaves and underground railroads to give their rights. But when they fight for theirs we get the Oka Crisis.

Maclean’s wants the story taught in our schools and it rightfully should be. Denying a part of history is how we become doomed to repeat it. Denial < Admittance. Admitting their wrongs, and teaching others about it is how we can change. The stories here have been relatively left untold. They are there, if you know where to find them. Here you can find testimonies of survivors, and families, Legacy of Hope.

Well, I’ve mentioned the government. The church. Unmarked graves. Can it really get worse from there? How about a out standing arrest warrant. If you thought this was bad, were about to cross the precipice of corruption. Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip have out standing arrest warrants.

Queen Elizabeth found guilty

Surely I can find more?

More evidence. As well as this, and more information.

It is clear that those ten children from Kamloops were taken by the royal family. What is unclear is what happened to them. Answer for that are not on the internet. But we can assume. They didn’t live long.

Well, this has been a lot to unpack. I hope you learned something from this all. I wrote about this to spread awareness, and to reopen the door during these trying racial issues. Until next time, and with much love. Where we go one, we go all.






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