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The Media Lied, People Died

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Mainstream media's bias becomes more and more apparent as time passes. Their continued assault on President Trump actually cost people their lives this time around. In late February, when the "Pandemic" began to pick up steam in the US, President Trump recommended hydroxychloroquine (a drug used in treating malaria) for treatment. As usual, Mainstream media mocked him and claimed the drug would not help, and only increase damage to the patient.

While our death rates continued to climb, and the mainstream media kept lying to people and blaming our President along the way for the damage, a new study came out validating the benefits of chloroquine. The study found that the drug cut the rate of death in half. CNN surprisingly gave the study publicity and made themselves look unintelligent in the process.

With this newfound information, it brings up the question of why? The answer is the same: follow the money. Chloroquine is cheap, too cheap. As low as 15 dollars. Big pharma needs their paycheck, they need the $2000 "cure". But in the end, the truth will win. President Trump was right from the beginning.

Big Pharma will still try to have their way, as of July 4th, the W.H.O. discontinued the use of Chloroquine, even with the new study proving its effectiveness. They are attempting to suppress what could be a stop to this madness plaguing our country and the world for the last 4 months. But with 17 million pill bottles already circulating in the US, it may be too late for their schemes.


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