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Died Suddenly (Full Documentary)

Updated: Apr 27

Brought to you by Stew Peters, the 2022 documentary known as "Died Suddenly" provides a first-hand evidence based look into the aftermath of the worldwide experimental genocidal Nazi COVID-19 injection program designed to depopulate via endless autoimmune disorders, SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) and record breaking stillbirths.

The documentary was released November 21, 2022 and provides first-hand evidence and testimonials from experts in the embalming industry who have gathered first-hand data from the deceased following the vaccination program when death rates began to spike as early as January, 2021, specifically sudden deaths. The documentary was directed and written by Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer and has a runtime of 1 hour and 9 minutes and is worth every last minute. The embalmers demonstrate the blood clots formed within the cardiovascular system, which they explain are not traditional blood clots, but rather a new type of animaloid protein based clots that take the shape of the arteries, thus clogging them and leading to heart failure, stroke and/or death.

Some samples of these Animaloid protein based clots collected from only one funeral home can be seen below and in more detail throughout the full documentary:

Animaloid Protein Based Clots

If you have not yet seen the full length documentary please check out the full thing right here or on the following links:

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You already know the libtards are going to head over to IMDb to give this documentary a 1 star rating alleging this is all still a conspiracy theory because they refuse to accept the facts about the adverse risks of the experimental genocidal nanotech injections for CVOID-19 and the fact that they were intentionally designed by Bill Gates to destroy the human-source connection via neutralizing the VMAT2 Gene (God particle). So do your part and head on over to IMDb and give this truth bomb the 10 star rating it deserves. Show them we out number them and their minions. Then share this article far and wide, to vaxxed and unvaxxed family and friends alike so that this can be the collectively united discussion of concern for humanity over the Christmas Holiday season.

Died Suddenly Honorary Mentions

The Died Suddenly team has put together a database archive for athletes that have suddenly fell and/or died, do to cardiac arrest, sudden death, stroke or a vaccine complications. I have taken their data in addition to other news headlines for actors, athletes, CEOs, doctors, journalists, police officers, military personnel, musicians, reporters, students, writers, etc. whom have died suddenly since 2021 when the nanotech injection programs initiated: