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Q Drop 4966: Your DNA Is Being Suppressed & Manipulated

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What does this new post by Q posted on November 27, 2022 mean? The answer is quite simple but also complex, I have discovered through the use of Gematria, Synchronism and numerology that this contains a very important message for The Great Awakening. As you can see this written out as phrases such as "What is coded in your DNA?" which each are hints and leave deeper clues into what this post means when broken down into pure code using Gematria.

Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. A Is 1, B is 2, 3 is C and so on, this continues across the entire alphabet which can be decoded with quite a few different ciphers each providing different layers into whatever is decoded. Our DNA is pure code, so if you consider the possibilities, this code is almost certainly ingrained in our DNA, our name, our address and potentially everything in the universe. You can decode yourself, your neighbor, your friends and family which will lead to connections you can make especially if you know about astrology. Every single element of the periodic table can be broken down and decoded, anything in our world can be decoded which is why its such a great tool to have. What is Gematria?

Gematria Legend: Letter Equivalent To Numeric Values

Q Drop 4966 Decode

We will now be decoding the Q post 4966, lets start with the drop number itself:

  • 4966

  • 49 + 66 = 115

  • 1 + 1 + 5 = 7

Donald J Trump Is Connected To Source & So Is Our DNA

Number 7 Decode

The 115 decode connects us to the 232 decode which are both simplified into 7. 2 + 3 + 2 = 7, as you know there are 7 days in the week, 7 chakras, 7 colors in the rainbow, 7th letter of the alphabet is G (hence why the Freemasons have perverted it with their symbology) and 7 is about introspection and the attainment of wisdom. 7 encourages you to go within and focus on self development. 7 archangels, 7 sins and 7 virtues, 7 Gates of dreaming (Shamanism) and 7 continents!

The Number 7 in Shamanism: Toltec dreaming is the ascension to real realms of experience we enter. In fact the 2nd gate according to the shamans is dreaming! Lucid dreaming is when we KNOW we are dreaming, which happens at the third gate of dreaming. Shamanism isn’t interested in parables or cryptic junk. Not like other religious beliefs which take a literal dogmatic view. The first gate of dreaming is gaining control of your dreaming attention. The easiest way of doing this is through finding the hands in dreaming, this anchors your dream body in the second attention. The second gate is known as lucid dream. Knowing you’re dreaming while IN your dream! This gate takes time because not only do you need to know you’re dreaming, but able to control your dreams and able to change them. The 3rd gate prepares the dream body, literally separating from the physical body. There are two stages to this gate. The first stage, is to arrive at the gate; the second is to cross it. By dreaming that you see yourself asleep, you arrive at the third gate. The second phase is to move around once you’ve seen yourself asleep. The fourth gate of dreaming involves learning to use the energy body as a means of travel. This then be used to travel to “firstly concrete places in this world; two, to travel to concrete places out of this world; and, three, to travel to places that exist only in the intent of others.” The Fifth gate of dreaming is to be able to bring out yodur dreaming body in everyday life. The sixth gate gives the dreamer to power to transport the physical body And the seventh is to be able to transcend the world entirely and to step beyond this world with the totality of oneself.

The 7 colors of the light spectrum are demonstrably representable as chakra frequencies or chakra centers as overserved in the two following images of the seven chakras:

Chakra Centers

7th Element: Nitrogen

  • 232

  • 2 + 3 + 2 = 7

Numerically Speaking Via Gematria Everything Is Connected, Research & See For Yourself

Your DNA is being genetically modified and manipulated by the cabal putting GMOs in food and hygiene products, that is why it is so important to go organic immediately!

1998 Decode

  • 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27

  • 2 + 7 = 9

  • 1 + 4 +4 = 9

  • 3 + 3 + 3 = 9

1998 was a very interesting year, let us explore into this a little bit. The 998th year of the of the second millennium was 1998, (Notice the .998 in the fluoride element) which has been put in our water since the 1960's) and was designated as the International Year of the Ocean:

The number 9 has a concern for the welfare of humanity. There's an absence of prejudice and judgement. Its considered the most tolerant of religions and life styles, and philanthropic for the welfare of people and the accomplishment of an idealistic vision. (Fluorine is supposed to be considered something important to humanitarianism and public health but we can see they are using the number 9 for their own manifestations of chaos)

9th Element: Fluorine

Who Put It There? 1128

8th Element: Oxygen (Who Put It There?)

  • 1 + 8 + 8 = 17 (Q)

  • 1 + 7 = 8

Discovery date 1774 by Joseph Priestley in Wiltshire, England and independently by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in Uppsala, Sweden. Origin of the name comes from the Greek "oxy genes" meaning acid forming. The element vital to life itself, it's far from a coincidence that we breath oxygen and our bodies are composed of it on average 60% and even water itself contains oxygen. Mindful meditative breathing will change your life and expand your consciousness; oxygen is a wonderful thing. Change your breath, change your life! Begin mindful and conscious breathing to experience pure bliss. Meditations are great for bringing you to a place of stillness, great concentration and conscious breathing come from enough practice.

Take a breath of fresh air, go outside everyday for at least 15+ minutes a day to increase your dopamine levels and to drastically improve your quality of life. Oxygen is connected with the divine source because it is a part of the formation and structure of life. The word animal originally comes from the word "Breath" or "Spirit" (both the word breath and spirit have the same meaning) and human beings are animals because we come from the same source of being: Breath/Air/Spirit into the world of polarity.

Who put it there? Be aware of False Prophets a (false saviors, so called experts) and we know who the false Prophets are. The cabal's lies are being exposed and its encoded in our DNA. This is clearly linked with Q post 4964 "Be aware of false prophets. I am not a prophet. You are not a prophet. We are not prophets. Focus on the mission. Q." Isn't it amazing how this could be linked to that post directly through code?

Who Put It There? 1625

You have to protect your DNA patriots, how do you do this? Discipline and regularly applying the methods required to unlock your "Junk DNA". The cabal has been after our DNA for years, they understand its true power and that's why it's time for us to realize our own true power to protect what belongs to us. Control over your own DNA is a human right, it's beyond clear at this point that the cabal does not care about your rights as they are a direct threat to their control and grip over our lives. Through DNA, we will change and transform our world. 432/538 Hz music is massive protector of DNA, that's why they changed the vibration resonance of music from 432 Hz (natural/nature frequency) to 440 Hz(aggression/depression) and this is why we need to go back to 432 Hz.

432/528 Hertz Vs. 440 Hertz

432 + 528 Hz Frequency repairs your DNA of damage done to it and unlocks your junk DNA when listened to enough. It's well known amongst many spiritual communities and some scientific communities that music tuned to 432/528 Hz is softer and brighter, giving greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Many people experience more meditative and relaxing states of body and mind when listening to such music. 440 Hz causes disharmony and aggression. The cabals main goal is to keep the public in a state of dis-ease and this stops them from being able to unlock the potential within themselves which holds back the collective consciousness from evolution or Involving consciousness. Change what you are listening to from 440 Hz to 432 Hz to experience incredible benefits. 440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine (the lower four). Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration (the sacred connection of the third eye and heart chakra). Note the visible light spectrum and color wavelengths in the below image. Look for 528 Hz and notice where you land: in the region of the “Green Ray.” The higher harmonic of the green ray/frequency is absorbed and metabolized by the heart chakra vortex. It is no coincidence that the wavelength of visible light at 528 nm is also green. If humanity needs to supercharge anything in our bioenergetic anatomy at this point, it is surely our heart intelligence, which conduces to compassion, empathy, and intuition.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Of Visible Light Wavelengths
432 Hertz Vs. 440 Hertz

432 is a code apart of life itself, it resonates with nature and allows you to become grounded. Sacred geometry and numerology are one function, one operation under universal law. 9 is a significant number which is the result of 4 + 3 + 2 = 9. Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour, the esoteric meaning of nine relates to the ultimate completion of a life cycle, after which the sequence of numbers reverts to zero as we find in gematria. The nine is the final dimension whereby divine energy manifests itself on the material world. Other positive aspects coming from the nine are intellectual power, inventiveness and influence. The nine appears continuously in ancient myth, and almost always signifies the final end to something. Homer used it consistently in his writings: The Trojan War lasted nine years, Odysseus returned home after nine years of travelling, the nine days plague, nine feasts and the nine days for the flood to wash away the Achaean camp are among some of the others. In Greek mythology, the number 9 was consecrated in the Sphere of the Muses as the symbol of versatility, of change, and the emblem of the frailty of human affairs.

The symbolic meaning of nine, therefore, represents the final end of a cycle of life which can often bring about a change of circumstances or change your outlook of life and prompt you into changing your lifestyle. This is a typical result for initiates pursuing self-development goals. According to the Bible, there are nine “fruits of the spirit,” which are specific attributes (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) that are said to be the result of the influence of the holy spirit. In Hinduism, nine is the number of Brahma, the creator.

432 Shape Magic
Uni-Verse One Song, One Truth
Apocalypse Means "Lifting The Veil" Or "Revelation"
Erwin Schrodinger Singularity Of Consciousness Quote

Supporting Videos

The above video demonstrates that you have 14 generations in your DNA, 13.5 billion years of information within you, this is why you must tune within for answers through mediation, conscious awareness and consciously making the best/healthiest choices for yourself in life. You have unlimited potential, you are an infinite being in a ocean of consciousness, space is not empty and we don't travel in space but through space. Your ancestors DNA is within you, tune in and tap into this to honor your ancestors. 528 Hz unlocks your DNA potential along with 432 Hz. Your ancestors, the whole universe is connected with your DNA and this means you are directly connected with the Akashic Records.

If you truly want to understand number symbolism and how numbers are not separate from the divine this above video is for you. This also explains the book of Revelations in the Bible, which is really about waking up to who and what you are. Geometry, numerology, perspective and our personal beliefs are what manifest our reality and you must become consciously aware of this to unlock your full potential. The divine isn't separate from any aspect of our life, God is Generation Operation and Destruction, yin and yang, The All Father (In Latin the word patr means father like how patterns are the masculine, matter is the yin.) and Christ Consciousness. The 60th Element of the periodic table is "Neodymium" which has a Relative atomic mass of 144.242, I believe this may be connected to "Neo" in the matrix, which is a code word for one and that's because your the only one who can save yourself.

The video above will allow you to have more of an understanding of the English language, how words create worlds, words literally shape our perceptions and through our words we send out our creations into the world. In the beginning was the word, and the word rest within us. Every single thing in our universe has a vibration, every single letter and word is included in this this which means our words carry great potential to create change in our lives. You can greatly change your life by consciously creating what you want in your life rather than focusing on and continuing to talk about the things that you don't want change your mind to change your life. The words we use can be swords if we are not careful, the education system keeps us ignorant of this to keep us under the spell of spelling and ignorant of our own ability to create. Schools teach you how to use your brain, how to follow a provided routine and conform but not how to use your imagination because imagination is the gateway to the spiritual realms.

The above video is an incredible video full of information, it will allow you to understand how every single word can be broken down and observed at a deeper level. It shows how everything is connected, our language, numerology, geometry and astrology all connect because they are not a separate function but all one creation by The Divine. The Periodic table is a tool that can be used to learn way more information about things you decode, you can decode yourself and learn what your element is. This channel breaks all of it down quite simply, it will help you gain an understanding and allow you to be able to use it for your own decoding.

The above video discusses why you need to know exactly what you are putting in your body because everything you ingest effects you physically, mentally and spiritually. You are literally being slowly poisoned and killed by these farms using GMO chemical farming. You need to switch to organic foods as fast as possible and do a detox if you want to start living life to the fullest. Putting in the effort to be healthy starts with being conscious of what you are consuming and what you are putting out into the world; you need to find balance within to prosper. Learn what you are putting in your body! Take the required steps to improve your health so we can cause a shift in the collective, make being healthy and focused on self development the new hip "trend."

The video above containing speaker Mark Passio breaks down the 7 hermetic principles which are the universal law of our reality, knowledge about the 7 laws (once again, another 7 just like the 7 chakras, 7 colors of the rainbow and 7 days of the week) will collectively change our understanding about the structure of the universe and the laws that govern it. We have all heard of karma, the law of attraction, 7 virtues and the 7 deadly sins but not how they are all connected, they are all the same law with different interpretations. All these concepts and philosophies are really all one, with an illusion of separation which is exactly what the 7 hermetic principles explains.

We can also see that each of the Seven sins and Virtues is linked with a certain chakra/energy center in our body. These sins (which really are nothing more then poor choices for yourself and others) have been normalized in society because of the education system, entertainment industry and all the "icons" that have tricked us into giving our power away in exchange for desires of flesh rather than the purity of spirit. The links between the 7 sins, 7 virtues and the 7 chakras are shown below.

The 7 Universal Laws & 7 Chakras Directly Connect. Everything Is Connected With An Illusion Of Separation

If the video above by Universe Inside You doesn't wake you up to your potential through vibration, I'm not sure anything will but the above documentary explains the power of sound and vibration proven through scientific study. Water is effected by our intentions, words are used to project certain intentions or ideas out in the world and the amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75% which means we are effecting each other at a cellular level through our words. Choose kindness over hate, love over fear and vibrate higher so we can allow the flow of divine consciousness take root in mankind. Babies have more water in their bodies (fresh out of the womb of the mother) and are more sensitive to their environment which is not a coincidence. We are all divine consciousness in our own cells of awareness.

The above video breaks down the connection between sound, our DNA, water and the incredible potential of 528 Hz. Human beings are magnets, our DNA are antennas connected directly with The Creator/God. We are divine vessels of Light, sound and self awareness whether we are in the know of this or not. Sound is effective for DNA repair and for unlocking your junk DNA, listening to it during the day for about an hour or while you sleep will have an amazing effect on your life. 528 harmonizes it's environment and creates a feeling of inner peace to listen to.

The video above explains transhumanism and human genetic engineering. Transhumanism advocates for the use of current and emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to augment human capabilities, enhance longevity, and improve cognition. They are using technology, electric and magnetic fields to manipulate/influence our decision making. Transhumanism is a serious threat when you understand the Luciferian agenda behind it. Robert Sepehr does an excellent job explaining how it's done, where its being done and the dangers of it.

The video above is another one by Robert Sepehr, it explains the ancient druidic system and how they used "magic wands" made out of Hollywood trees which is why Hollywood is used to channel propaganda all over the United States. Propaganda is biased information, especially of a misleading nature, that is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Hollywood has been used as the tool of the deep state to put us under a spell of hypnotic lies, for example The United States Air Force established Lookout Mountain in 1947 in order to produce movies and photographs to be utilized for the purpose of propaganda.

The video above explains how our DNA is connected to the universe, how our DNA contains an encrypted message (It's connected to the akashic records and your ancestors) that can be broken down and deciphered. We are connected directly to source through our DNA, always have and always will despite the attempts to remove our Divine DNA. Our DNA contains 13.5 Billion years of information, that means you literally are the universe because that is the universes life span to date. Every dis-ease is curable, our DNA if used properly could revolutionize medicine, it could revolutionize and ascend the collective unconsciousness.

The above video showcases an unidentified US Department of Defense scientist doing a 2015 briefing to the CIA and head of D.A.R.P.A. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) on Dean Hamer's findings surrounding the VMAT2 Gene. He discusses how they "plan to suppress the VMAT2 Gene by using vaccines and viruses to turn people into normal people without strong religious expressions." The VMAT2 Gene (considered the God Particle or God Gene) is what connects our physical vessel to the spiritual realm through our brains, links us with the Holy Spirit, keeps us open to mystical experiences and opens us to higher consciousness. Considering what was discussed and the Moderna mRNA injection ingredient "SM-102 Luciferase" it seems rather clear they have implemented this eugenicist plan to break the human connection to source by using these injections to destroy the VMAT2 Gene. Bill Gates has openly spoken about using AI to manipulate our DNA.

Supporting Links:







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The choice is yours to know. God Bless & WWG1WGA!


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