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Ignorant Tim Horton's Employees Violate By-Law By Discriminating A Mask Exempt Torontonian

Since when did it become okay to discriminate and segregate those who have medical exemptions? Tim Horton's employees decided to refuse to serve a mask exempt Torontonian at 1:15pm on March 29, 2021 at the 1533 Jane St., North York location. The medical discrimination quickly morphed into racial discrimination once an employee decided to go full libtard anti-white mode.

Just like people who are bound to a wheelchair or people who have limited hearing or vision for example, exemptions and accessibility accommodations are always arranged. Yet, after Andrew (@1truenews) politely discloses his mask exemption in accordance with By-law, the entire staff continues to discriminate him by not serving him, followed by the manager asking him to leave and threatening to call the police. In addition, one especially disrespectful and vulgar staff member assumed Andrew's ethnicity by his skin color (instantly making this an anti-white racist attack), then referred to him as a "nigga" stating that she could not be discriminating him because he was white and she was black, followed by shouting she did not see his disability, ending off with some classic libtarded white shaming.

Andrew originally posted the full length video followed by snippet part 1 and snippet part 2 on his Instagram account. Watch the full discriminatory By-law violation here:

As seen in the above video, the entire Tim Horton's staff including the manager, were grossly uninformed on the following City Of Toronto By-law 541-2020, which they openly reference on a print out posted on their front doors. You would think they would at least know the full terms or some of the exemptions of the By-law referenced on their front doors? Or is Tim Hortons another one of those corporations indoctrinating their staff with anti-racist training a.k.a. anti-white training as opposed to being properly informed on current By-laws? The disrespectful and vulgar sheeployee certainly had her (his? anyway fuck your pronouns) anti-white training mastered like a certified Marxist-ANTIFA-BLM cuck.

Tim Horton's Posts City of Toronto By-law 541-2020 On Doors, But Does Not Abide By Its Exemptions

As observed in the following By-law on page 2, there is an entire portion that outlines included mask exemptions relating to the policy.

This type of discrimination is certainly on the rise and truthers must unite and work together to stand up en masse against it. If a business violates this By-law, be sure to report it for non-compliance by filling a By-law violation.







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Terry Kelly
22 de jun. de 2021

tim hortons treated me badly in the town i live in too. I have zero respect for that chain and completely boycott them!!! In my opinion there are some very un intelligent individuals working as managers for this chain. In a way i owe them a thank you, if not for their shitty service i wouldn't have save nearly $5000 in the last year. Better in my pocket, than the mask commies!


Kathi Bowen
Kathi Bowen
30 de mar. de 2021

This fear tactic crap HAS to stop! The supposed Covid 19, is 99.9% NON fatal in healthy Americans, and is no worse than a cold or the flu... You then build immunity to the next Covid virus China & our deep state send us!

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