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Has The Idea of Military Tribunals Sent Some Government Officials Into A Frenzy?

Updated: Mar 16

Trump's presidency was especially important in 2016 as most knew that at least one Supreme court justice would be appointed during the next presidential term.

After being elected, Trump proceeded just as promised and nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty seat. Democrats vowed to filibuster his nomination but things proceeded very quickly and smoothly in comparison to Trump's next seat choice.

On June 27, 2018 Justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he would be retiring at the end of the coming July. Another seat would soon be open. Trump moved quickly to nominate Bret Kavanaugh on July 9, 2018. Trump said that Kavanaugh was "universally regarded as one of the finest & sharpest legal minds of our time," so he expected a swift confirmation.

Think again...

His appointment was looked at as a shift in ideological balance to the right and would shape the judicial system for years to come (which is likely the reason Trump won the election-because many conservatives knew this!!) Women’s rights and pro-abortion activist groups came out to protest but nevertheless the hearings began on September 4th, 2018.

On Sept. 5th, a very unusual mix of questioning arose by Senator Lyndsey Graham. The subject was Military Tribunals and a body of law that is called "The Law of Armed Conflict". Kavanaugh was familiar with it and brought up a long settled law called Johnson vs Eisentrager. This was a law that determined that American citizens who collaborate with an enemy are considered enemy combatants. Kavanaugh agreed that citizens guilty of such a crime should be prosecuted in the military instead of in our basic criminal court system.

They went on to discuss another case (Hamdi vs Rumsfeld) where American citizens collaborated with Nazi saboteurs. These guilty U.S. citizens were tried and executed in these military tribunals, confirming that any citizen who turns on their government and collaborates with an enemy nation would be treated differently than just your average run of the mill criminal. They would be treated as enemy combatants and tried as such!

As things unfold in the Durham investigation, some wonder if such crimes are found, could military tribunals be used for any guilty U.S. citizens? Why was this brought up in these hearings? Why was there little mention of it in the MSM? It seemed like such an out of place line of questioning but could it be that Graham was sending out a stern signal/warning as to what a Kavanaugh appointment could mean for anyone guilty of such crimes?

What makes it especially suspicious is the fact that exactly one week later, a report came out that Senator Feinstein had possession of a sexual allegation against Kavanaugh. The MSM escalated the story non-stop, drawing out mobs of protesters, full force charging him guilty without a doubt, even though he had a squeaky clean reputation up to that point. Sixty-five women who had worked with Kavanaugh and knew him for years came out in his defense against the relentless brutal attacks and accusations. A hearing was held for the supposed victim, who had no one to corroborate her story that was said to have occurred when Kavanaugh was only seventeen years old.

Was this circus of accusations and slander all over abortion, as many thought since some felt Roe vs Wade was being threatened? Or could it be that the words "military tribunals" set corrupt leaders into action to protect their very lives? Would they know that our country is still considered at war since Bush proclaimed it on Sept 11, 2001 and that authorization of military force was enacted on September 14, and is still in effect? If anyone is found guilty of conspiring against our country during war time, military tribunals were enacted for such cases in order to keep conspirators from using our regular criminal system to their advantage. Military tribunals allow the military to apprehend them quickly & be moved through the process so that justice can be served fairly & swiftly. Talk of tribunals just might be a reminder that any guilty party would not want to hear.

Thankfully, Kavanaugh and Trump stood up to the threats and he was confirmed. With #Obamagate now being in the news, could all of the commotion have been set in motion in response to this one line of questioning? For now, it seems that only time will tell...

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