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Q Anon Starter Guide & Deep State Connection Maps

Updated: Mar 17

Q Anon is an international collective group of awoken anons, ascended beings, light workers, starseeds, citizen journalists, researchers, whistle blowers, truthers, digital patriots, and keyboard warriors working together to expose the Khazarian Freemasonic Luciferian Zionist Fascist Jesuit Illuminati Globalist Deep State Cabal. Only when their darkness is brought to light can they be defeated. Symbolism will be their downfall. This article seeks to act as a guide with resources to help you get started on your awakening research journey. Where we go one we go all.

The Q Anon movement is being provided intel drops online from a mysterious figure known as Q, who is believed to be JFK Jr. by a fast majority of the movement. Although he is believed to be the main face behind the Q movement there are additionally a group of no more than 10 individuals who consist of the entire "Q Team" including trusted military generals like General Michael T. Flynn and Donald J. Trump (known as Q+). The Q Team has formed an international white hat military alliance with what is rumored to be some 170 countries worldwide, in coordination with their militaries and organizations like the International Human Rights Tribunal, Interpol, the NSA, and Space Force.

The Q plan has supposedly been in the making since the fake CIA Cabal assassination of JFK, where he used a body double to secretly survive and continue his plan to takedown the cabal once and for all. Like father, like son JFK Jr. has been heavily involved in the Q plan to takedown the Cabal and therefore also had to fake his death in a plane crash in order to evade many assassination attempts that Hillary Clinton was conspiring against him when they were competing for a 2000 New York senate position.

The movement initially began receiving intel drops on the chan boards back in 2017, first on 4chan, then 8chan, followed by 8kun. These drops are known as "Q drops" and were most notably archived on Qmap.Pub, which was targeted and unfortunately shutdown. Within this guide you will find several alternative Q drop archivers in the upcoming lists.

To demonstrate, the following image below is an example of what a typical Q drop would look like. Q drop 4881 is a more recent and particularly relevant drop as Q points out the importance of distinguishing and knowing the difference between "Q" "Anons" & "QAnon." The fake news media can only target the additional theories coming from anons and not Q's intel drops as they are way over target Q clearance military intelligence partially determined with the assistance of quantum computing programs like project looking glass.

Access Authorization Based On Clearance Levels

In Q drop 34 we received a drop starting with the phrase "Q Clearance Patriot" which relates to Q clearance or Q access authorization which is the United States Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance level required to access Top Secret, Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, Secret Restricted Data, and National Security Information. Which could only imply the Q Team has access to the highest level of security clearance, Q.

United States Army Intelligence Support Activity Patch

Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely confirmed that Q Anon or Operation Q is in fact a white hat military intelligence information dissemination program that comes out of the Army of North Virginia, a group of Military Intelligence Specialists of over 800 patriots. The official name of this military intelligence unit is known as the United States Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA). What's even more interesting is the patch for the unit is clearly a Q where the sword handle extends downwards to the right of the patch. At this point I should introduce you to the concept that there is no such thing as coincidences as you will be realizing that quite heavily the further you go down the rabbit hole.

Hear what the General had to say when asked about Q in the following video. He even explains the Q Team was working on setting up the quantum internet (satellites put up by Space Force), believed to be a necessity for the full implementation of NESARA/GESARA and its quantum gold backed currency.

Similarly, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney mentions the “Kraken,” widely used by Attorney Sidney Powell, is referring to the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, which is located on Fort Huachuca, Arizona. In the following clip McInerney mentions that Powell had been using data provided by the 305th battalion to fuel legal battles relating to the 2020 election and that they had other sources they did not yet want to disclose in addition. Click this hyperlink for the full half an hour segment available on YouTube.

Q Anon Guide For Newbies
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