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Peaceful Protest in Dallas Turns Violent Riot in the Wake of the Death of George Floyd

What began as a peaceful protest at the Dallas Police Department building quickly became a bandwagon of looting, vandalism and violence.

In the wake of the death of Minnesota resident, George Floyd, civil unrest has begun to take root on a national scale, resulting in many injuries and the destruction of a large number of small businesses.

The Next Generation Action demonstration began around 6:30 PM at the DPD station at 1400 Lamar.

After a couple of hours of peaceful demonstrating in front of the Police Station, the crowd of protestors began to march towards downtown. Chants of “we want justice” and “no justice, no peace” could be heard throughout the city as the mob worked its way through the streets.

As the crowd crossed the bridge into downtown, many police officers could be seen in full riot gear waiting at nearly every street corner (as seen in header image).

Soon the crowd shifted to an angry mob, and protestors could be seen vandalizing property with statements like “F*ck 12” and “Black Lives Matter”. The vandalism was soon followed by the destruction of nearly every store front from Downtown to Deep Ellum.

Once the glass was broken out of the front of the shops, it wasn’t long before people began looting and destroying the inside of the businesses.

Trash cans and benches ripped from the sidewalks they were bolted to, sculptures from art collections taken out of window displays, and scattered merchandise from looted stores littered the streets of the city.

In a matter of hours of hours, the city had become nearly unrecognizable, with reports of one stabbing victim, one injured DPD Officer, fires burning, the bottom level of high-rise apartments left exposed after their windows were shattered with rocks and so much more. It is hard to believe this is not only happening in Dallas, but in many other states simultaneously. Georgia has just issued a state of emergency for Fulton County in response to the riots and I am sure many others will follow suit.

We will be reporting more on this in the coming days, but until then we ask that you please be cautious, stay safe, don’t leave your car where it is accessible on the street and if you have no choice, at least remove your valuables.

We will get through this America, but violence against each other over anger for another is not going to get the job done.

We have to do better America, we have to do better....

Story by:

Chris Deluge

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