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Exposed: Black Lives Matter Is A Money Laundering Front For The Dirty Democratic DNC Swamp

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Did you know all donations awarded to go directly to ActBlue, a DNC/Democrat campaign funding agency? It's written in plain site on the donations page in the fine print. The URL even changes to "" once you click the donations tab from the Black Lives Matter official website. In summary, any donations to BLM are supporting alleged racist mega-pedophile Joe Biden who says you aren't black if you don't vote for him...


Before we prove that BLM is a blatant DNC swamp campaign funding machine let's take a look at the Reddit AMA (ask me anything) with the Managing Director of BLM, Kailee Scales. The vast majority of questions surrounded where the funds raised were going and who they were going to. Disturbingly, she avoided financial questions like the plague which is incredibly shocking given that the purpose of these type of posts is to answer peoples questions about anything relating to the topic, in this case BLM funding. Suspicious much?

For money laundering to be most effective it's best designed as a charity, just as ActBlue has done so, this way funds can pass from corporations through the guise of BLM directly to the DNC swamp. On top of that this also allows corporations to receive tax breaks for their donations to a dirty cause, remember they aren't called "The Dirty Dems" for nothing.

ActBlue clearly displays their contribution rules on the donations page found on the Black Lives Matter official website. Scamgaurd reports that there is currently 76 unresolved and 0 resolved complaints relating to ActBlue donation issues. The majority of these issues surround unauthorized charges or fraudulent charges, which is expected from a money laundering program funding the corrupt DNC Democratic swamp.

It's important to note that the Democrats seem to blame Trump for all the issues they have neglected to resolve throughout their long corrupt political histories in government.

It's almost as if the Democratic party is responsible for systematic oppression? Speaking of which let's have a brief history reminder.

Democrats Voted Against Abolishing Slavery, Allowing Freed Slaves To Have Citizenship's, & The Right To Vote For All

Before we get to the figures let's first address the hypocrisy found directly on the front page of the ActBlue website. On the left we can see they are powering Democratic candidates and on the right we can see they also state they are not authorized by and candidate or candidate's committee. Doesn't that seem like quite a contradiction when they are directly funding numerous Democratic campaigns on an annual basis?

Now let's take a look at some of the corporations pledging donations to Black Lives Matter. Supposedly, corporate America has pledged $1.678 billion so far as seen in the following image. There is even an Indiegogo funding page for American corporate responses to Black Lives Matter where this is being tracked. Hmm seems like there is quite a few corporations pledging to BLM that are actively involved in communist censorship...

The following figures are for the 2020 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on June 21, 2020. Considering the $1.678 billion pledged by corporations to the Black Lives Matter movement why are there no "reparations" or contributions to rebuilding black communities, more affordable housing, or educational grants for people of colour in the top 10 recipients of ActBlue's funding? The numbers don't lie, it seems quite evident BLM donations don't actually help the Black community, but rather their long time oppressors, the dirty Democrats.

Since 2004, ActBlue has been aligned with globalists like George Soros to push the Liberal-Democrat agenda. In 2018 ActBlue was listed hundreds of times on Democratic candidates’ campaign finance filings and for some candidates accounts for 20% or more of the money raised:

  • $4,800 for Rep. Betty McCollum

  • $36,000 for Ilhan Omar

  • $104,000 for Dan Feehan

  • $106,000 for Sen. Tina Smith

  • $150,000 for Angie Craig

The following connections map details George Soros' connections to politicians and liberal movements/organizations including Black Lives Matter:

Lastly, I'd like to leave you with this meme to remind you that all donations to Black Lives Matter go to this guy and his corrupt failure of a political affiliation:


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