• godwinsintheend

Sinister Symbology In Disney Parks?

Most people think of Disney as a family friendly company dedicated to providing 5 star entertainment to the people of the world. But could there be an underside to these parks veiled in symbolism? Is it possible that Disney Imagineers have some very disturbing symbols incorporated into their parks?

Disney Imagineers are known for creating a little scavenger hunt inside the parks. Guest who are aware of this little design element on Disney properties spend their vacations searching for "Hidden Mickeys." These are Mickey Mouse logos that are incorporated into merchandise, landscaping, architecture and so on throughout Disney property. There are even solar panels on their property that reveal the Mickey Mouse silhouette when viewed from an overhead or map view.

Understanding the depth of thought that goes into things like environmental design at these parks really makes you question things when you see symbols and design in the park that have controversial or even criminal meaning. How would most people feel if they were walking through a Disney park and saw a Swastika in the design of a building? How would they feel if they saw multiple Swastikas in the parks?

Its safe to say something like hidden controversial symbols in a family friendly companies biggest cash cow would spark question and concern from average citizens, and rightfully so. I tell you that to lead up to a personal experience I had at the Disney World Resort in Orlando.

I told a friend I would be at the parks and he made an odd request. He sent me an FBI document and asked me to look for symbols from that document in the parks. I found the request odd, but agreed I'd look and let him know if i saw anything strange.

There is an FBI declassified document that was declassified outlining known pedophile symbols and their meanings that was released on January 31st, 2007. These published symbols are known to the FBI to help pedophiles know each other and their preferences in their deviant behavior.

I spent day one in Magic Kingdom, enjoying the day with my family. It was almost towards the end of the day and I had honestly forgot about my friends request. Then, while standing in a "socially distanced" line for The Little Mermaid ride something caught my attention. It was the "Little Boy Lover" spiral logo impeded in the queue barriers for the Teacups.

This pattern was in multiple locations throughout the queue and it was also printed on many of the teacups as well as merchandise for the teacup attraction. While I did find this strange, I chalked it up to an odd coincidence. After all I had spent basically the entire day noticing nothing out of place. We finished up at Magic Kingdom, headed home, and got ready for our second day at Disney's Hollywood Studios.