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What Is Adrenochrome? Follow The White Rabbit...

Updated: Oct 5

Structural Formula Looks Like A White Rabbit

It's about time the world got informed about the elites preferred drug of choice and its disturbing torturous methods of production. Adrenochrome, a chemical known  by "modern science" since at least the 1930's, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3. For the purpose of this summary we are primarily focusing on the natural version of adrenochrome and not the synthetic equivalent, as the elites use the most addictive and expensive stuff.

To put this in laymens terms adrenochrome is the adrenalized blood that is harvested when a human is abused and tortured to death. The use of extreme sexual torture, satanically ritualized sodomy and violent rape of children in nightmarish demon-god sex rituals specifically designed to create maximum terror in a child’s body, to overload their blood with adrenochrome prior to extraction. The blood must be harvested quickly by puncturing their skull right in the center of their forehead where the third eye/pineal gland would is located. Younger children are preferred for these satanic rituals because their pineal glands are only minimally calcified by the fluoride in our water and toxins in our food/environment.

These global elites and celebrities take the adrenochrome for its psychoactive effects of including euphoria, greater health, increased vivacity, change in train of thought, lack of judgment. Just as there are benefits for any drug there are withdrawals too.

It was reported that all of the adrenochrome production facilities have been shutdown as part of the White Hat Military Alliance draining the deep state satanic swamp. However, before they were shutdown the last supply was purposefully tainted with a HIV version of COVID-19 to act as a marker for those elites involved in crimes against humanity. We are witnessing many of these elites suffer from adrenochrome withdrawal during the COVID-19 scandemic. We can identify they are suffering from adrenochrome withdrawal as the symptoms include reversing positive effects, schizophrenia, sever physical / mental / emotional damage, and accelerated aging. The following image differentiates the SARS versus HIV strain of COIVD-19 and the possible outcomes for either scenario.

COVID-19 Strains: SARS vs. HIV

Google patents search yields over 1000 results containing "adrenochrome" with results stemming as far back as 1944. This is nothing new.

The following media will provide examples, explanations and proofs of adrenochrome:

Trump intentionally misspelled children as "chidlren" as it relates to products being sold online that come from missing children that are tortured and murdered for their adrenochrome.

Symbolic Depiction of Adrenochrome Consumption
25MG Adrenochrome Bottle
Illuminati Card Game Published In 1995 Refers To Adrenochrome As Immortality Serum






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