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The Earth Is Flat & Stationary: Destroying The Freemasonic Luciferian Globalist "Globe" Lie

Updated: Jul 17

Flat Earth Surrounded By Antarctica Ice Walls

As people continue to awaken to the untold truth it seems people are now finally learning about the Freemasonic Luciferian Zionist Fascist Jesuit Illuminati Globalist "Globe" Earth lie that has been indoctrinated into society over centuries. Freemasons have infiltrated every level of society and governance to pull off the biggest global lie in history with the use of television, movies, symbology, and the school system to indoctrinate you.

This article seeks to shed some insight regarding the history and most undeniable flat earth proofs so that you too can overcome your cognitive dissonance and indoctrination. The key to truly understanding flat earth requires quite a bit of research and mainly common sense. Unlike globe-believers who base all their arguments on complicated science and physics, particularly Newton's Freemasonic lie called gravity.

Why aren’t physicists further exploring and questioning the existence of gravity and the theories supporting globe earth? We have far more advanced technology now-a-days so it seems abundantly clear that governing forces do not want this theory to become overtaken by another theory, especially a pre-existing theory concealing vast unclaimed resources in every direction. At the same time, they are concealing the hollow portion of earth, being subterranean reptilian civilizations and deep underground military bases.

The lie of the shape of our earth is the foundational building block to every other lie. The earth is not simply just flat, hollow, or a globe. They do not want you to learn that Earth just like humankind was created in Gods image as a multi-dimensional realm and therefore we are capable of raising vibration and consciousness to achieve dimensional ascension from the lower dimensions loosh matrix enslavement black magick money sex system. Although this article seeks to help deprogram the reader from the globe deception, it cannot prove the true complex system that is earth, but I will try to describe it for you as follows from my years of studying this topic. The earth is a multi-dimensional hollow tree of life realm, with flat planes (planets) of land at different levels (elevations / dimensions), each enclosed within firmaments, with a central pole of upward momentum electromagnetic radiation (light) and relative density.

NASA: The NAZI-Freemasons

Have you ever spoken to a Freemason before and attempted to discuss flat earth with them? I have with numerous members of the not so secret society over the years and they all react the same way. They evade, deny, laugh, mock and attempt to discredit as quickly as possible. Yet they seem to have no problem entertaining almost all other "conspiracies."

Obviously, they have all been informed by their cult to do their part in controlling the narrative like their brethren within NASA which is literally composed of NAZI scientists and Freemasonic astronauts. The founders of NASA were 1600 NAZI scientists, engineers, and technicians brought over to the USA via Operation Paperclip in order to win the Space Race.

Even though NASA continues to uphold the globe earth lie they released a document on their own website admitting that aircraft calculations are done considering "a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat, nonrotating earth is derived and defined." Thank God I downloaded the PDF years ago as now when you go to download it from NASA's website you get a different version with many pages missing. Here is a downloadable version of the original PDF with the following concluding remarks.