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The Earth Is Flat & Stationary: Destroying The Freemasonic Luciferian Globalist "Globe" Lie

Updated: Aug 29

Flat Earth Surrounded By Antarctica Ice Walls

As people continue to awaken to the untold truth it seems people are now finally learning about the Freemasonic Luciferian Zionist Fascist Jesuit Illuminati Globalist "Globe" Earth lie that has been indoctrinated into society over centuries. Freemasons have infiltrated every level of society and governance to pull off the biggest global lie in history with the use of television, movies, symbology, and the school system to indoctrinate you.

This article seeks to shed some insight regarding the history and most undeniable flat earth proofs so that you too can overcome your cognitive dissonance and indoctrination. The key to truly understanding flat earth requires quite a bit of research and mainly common sense. Unlike globe-believers who base all their arguments on complicated science and physics, particularly Newton's Freemasonic lie called gravity.

Why aren’t physicists further exploring and questioning the existence of gravity and the theories supporting globe earth? We have far more advanced technology now-a-days so it seems abundantly clear that governing forces do not want this theory to become overtaken by another theory, especially a pre-existing theory concealing vast unclaimed resources in every direction. At the same time, they are concealing the hollow portion of earth, being subterranean reptilian civilizations and deep underground military bases.

The lie of the shape of our earth is the foundational building block to every other lie. The earth is not simply just flat, hollow, or a globe. They do not want you to learn that Earth just like humankind was created in Gods image as a multi-dimensional realm and therefore we are capable of raising vibration and consciousness to achieve dimensional ascension from the lower dimensions loosh matrix enslavement black magick money sex system. Although this article seeks to help deprogram the reader from the globe deception, it cannot prove the true complex system that is earth, but I will try to describe it for you as follows from my years of studying this topic. The earth is a multi-dimensional hollow tree of life realm, with flat planes (planets) of land at different levels (elevations / dimensions), each enclosed within firmaments, with a central pole of upward momentum electromagnetic radiation (light) and relative density.

NASA: The NAZI-Freemasons

Have you ever spoken to a Freemason before and attempted to discuss flat earth with them? I have with numerous members of the not so secret society over the years and they all react the same way. They evade, deny, laugh, mock and attempt to discredit as quickly as possible. Yet they seem to have no problem entertaining almost all other "conspiracies."

Obviously, they have all been informed by their cult to do their part in controlling the narrative like their brethren within NASA which is literally composed of NAZI scientists and Freemasonic astronauts. The founders of NASA were 1600 NAZI scientists, engineers, and technicians brought over to the USA via Operation Paperclip in order to win the Space Race.

Even though NASA continues to uphold the globe earth lie they released a document on their own website admitting that aircraft calculations are done considering "a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat, nonrotating earth is derived and defined." Thank God I downloaded the PDF years ago as now when you go to download it from NASA's website you get a different version with many pages missing. Here is a downloadable version of the original PDF with the following concluding remarks. In addition, a report titled "15 NASA Research Papers That Admit Flat & Nonrotating!" has compiled 15 fully sourced scientific NASA PDF publications that further confirm NASA agrees the earth is relatively flat and non-rotating.

The following clip goes beyond the untrustworthy propagandists at NASA and demonstrates equally untrustworthy CIA, Russian and thankfully US Army documents similarly stating calculations are conducted considering that the earth is flat, nonrotating and/or stationary.

As seen in the image below the Freemasons have always known the earth is flat depicted by their Masonic checkerboard and 4 pillars/corners of the earth. These pillars are then connected by a firmament/dome (also known as the Van Allen radiation belt by the science community) which means the sun and moon are enclosed within our atmosphere.

Even in their lodges they blatantly show off the firmament (dome) with symbology, as they do with everything in plain sight. When they get together for rituals they are indirectly mocking everyone who blindly believes in the largest deception to man kind: globe earth.

In the following clip we can observe how a fellow Freemason uses a disc to draw the black sun, earth, moon, and sun which clearly demonstrates the Freemasonic logo symbolism of the compass.

Even amongst the Q community there are people who are not informed on flat earth because Q has not yet directly confirmed the earth's shape. It is not as simple as a mere disc as there are additional lands beyond the Antarctic ice walls. In Q drop 4626 below the "fifth column" is mentioned which refers to the central pole of the earth which is also the tree of life. This fifth column relates to the Masonic columns above where they intentionally leave out the central pole/column to deceive. Q is preparing us to disclose flat earth.

Even aboard AF1 or in the situation room we can see large flat earth maps behind JFK or where he would be seated. This is no secret even though the CIA would like it to remain that way so their overlords have full control. The CIA (Illuminati controlled rogue agency) wants the people to think it's a psyop so it can quickly be disregarded and discredited, when in reality it's the biggest truth they don't want mass population taking seriously.

In Q drop 765 "watch the water" is mentioned for the first time which relates to sea level versus sea curve. Even the most basic box levels use water to determine if a surface is flat. How come water always levels itself out in any object or on any surface?

Another excellent example relating to the water would be the 7 mile bridge in Florida Keys. According to the flawed globe earth calculations (provided later in this article) there should be a noticeable drop of 32 feet from one end to the other due to the false claim the earth has curvature.

The following military operations discovered the ice walls that enclose the bodies of water on earth, followed by discovering the firmament and that it was in fact the Van Allen radiation belts. Then the Antarctic Treaty was established to conceal the firmament entirely from any new nations or individuals interested in exploring followed by nuking it to try and break the firmament open in order to make an exit from earth's atmosphere. That was unsuccessful so they decided to cover it all up together with the Apollo 11 Hoax which was orchestrated by the NASA-NAZI-Freemasons.

  1. Operation Highjump (1946-1947) - Discovery Of The Ice Wall

  2. Operation Deep Freeze (1955-1956) - Discovery Of The Firmament

  3. NASA Founded (July 29, 1958) - The Firmament Is The Van Allen Belts

  4. Antarctic Treaty System Established (December 1, 1959) - Guarding The Firmament

  5. Operation Fishbowl (1962) - Nuking The Firmament

  6. Apollo 11 Mission (July 16-24, 1969) - Hoax To Hide The Firmament

Flat Earth Military Operations - Hiding Our Creator

All astronauts (or their families) are Freemasons so they can ensure to uphold the globe lie and moon landing lie which was orchestrated by Stanley Kubrick in a Disney studio. The following are a handful of notable Astronauts and their respective Masonic lodges:

  • Colonel Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. (USAF), Clear Lake Lodge No. 1417, Texas.

  • Colonel Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. (USAF), Carbondale Lodge No. 82, Colorado.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Don F. Eisele (USAF), Luther B. Turner Lodge No. 732, Columbus, Ohio.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Virgil L. Grissom, Lodge Mitchell, Indiana.

  • CF Kleinknecht, Fairview Lodge No. 699, Fairview, Ohio.

  • Edgar D. Mitchell, Artesia Lodge No. 28, Artesia, New Mexico.

  • Captain Walter M. Schirra Jr., Cañaveral Lodge No. 339, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

  • Colonel Thomas P. Stafford, Western Star Lodge No. 138, Weatherford, Oklahoma.

  • James Irwin, Tejon Lodge No. 104, Colorado Springs.

  • Commander Paul J. Weitz, Lodge No. 708, Erie, Pennsylvania.

  • James Edwin Webb, Oxford Lodge No. 122, Oxford, North Carolina.

  • John Glenn, Concord Lodge No. 688, New Concord, Ohio.

Buzz Aldrin's was the first man on the moon and the following diploma was given to Aldrin by the Grand Lodge of Texas, where it is clearly read that said astronaut was "the first Mason on the moon."

The following image identifies a close-up of Aldrin wearing his Masonic ring as we know the Freemasonic illuminati love to leave clues in plain sight.

The following image is a commemorative medal coined by the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree South Jurisdiction of the USA, when the tenth anniversary of the moon landing was completed in July 1979.

The following photoshopped image showcases the flag of Merras which includes Masonic symbology that was actually handed off in the next image to follow.

In the following image we can observe Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and his father (also a Mason) delivering the flag of Marras to the Supreme Great Commander Smith, on September 16, 1969.

So anyway now that we know NASA is essentially a Freemasoinc lodge in itself we can address the fact that NASA openly admits on their own website to using composite images taken from separate orbits. Which is just a fancy way of saying that they cut and paste images of the flat earth together using photoshop everytime they publish "new" images of the globe earth.

The new image is a composite of six separate orbits taken on Jan. 23, 2012 by the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite. Both of these new 'Blue Marble' images are images taken by a new instrument flying aboard Suomi NPP, the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS).

Furthermore, take a listen to this following video from a NASA astronaut claiming we can no longer go to the moon because we destroyed the technology to do so. Doesn't that sound suspicious? Technology only gets more advanced every year yet we can't make re-create a spacecraft to fly to the moon? The fact of the matter is that the since 1955 the US has held the patents to a Moon projector apparatus (US2827830A), Movable star image projector for planetariums (US2827829A), and Planetarium occulting light projection system (US2827828A)

which all provide citation reference to the earlier German 1922 patent Device for projecting stars onto a spherical projection screen (DE391036C).

Relatedly, although another rabbit hole in itself, we have the 7 astronauts who faked their death for NASA as part of the Challenger explosion.

Map History

Before we move any further let's come to an understanding that the flat earth map was invented before the globe model and had many variations. In the 17th century it was widely accepted that earth was a plate or disc shape. Then all of the sudden Pythagoras (another Freemason) came around to indoctrinate society with his spherical model of the earth like the others that followed in his footsteps. We can see their Freemasonic symbology below with the ruler and compass.

Then they simply took the flat earth map and stretched it around a ball to come up with the globe that we have all seen in elementary school. The indoctrination begins right away from the moment you enter kindergarten and you see the fun to spin globe earth ball. The following maps are various versions of the flat earth, or at least the portion we know as earth. They all depict Antarctica encircling the bodies of water as opposed to being solely at the bottom of the earth where the alleged south pole would be. Even the ancient religions, biblical texts, and international organizations all agree(d) the earth is flat. The bible references the firmament and flat earth numerous times.

Even Nikola Tesla knew it was an infinite plain, with no gravity, with a firmament:

The United Nations and equivalent counterpart Freemasonic Jesuit Khazarian Illuminati Globalist Zionist controlled agencies also know the truth of the earth's shape, firmament, ice walls, and additional terrains beyond. They boldly put the truth in their logos using symbolism in plain sight as they mock the indoctrinated unknowing human population with the truth right in their face.

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars Logo: Flat Plane Enclosed Within A Firmament
1000 Year Old Buddhist Map

The following map showcases the unfrozen portions of Antarctica and many hidden lands from beyond the ice walls, it is known as Monte's 10 foot Planisphere of 1587 which can be viewed in high quality on the composite viewer or downloaded below. This map is an extraordinary 60 sheet manuscript world map made in 1587 by Urbano Monte which has been added to the David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University. At 10 foot square, this map or planisphere is the largest known early map of the world and was hand drawn by Monte in Milan, Italy. The digitally joined 60 sheet map image below is the first time in history since the creation 430 years ago that it has been seen as one unified map as Monte intended. It even demonstrates some of the mysterious reptilian-like dinosaur, dragon, lizard and serpent creatures in addition to some of the animal-human hybrid beasts that roamed the earth during the 1500s.

1587 Monte Flat Earth Map (Unfrozen Antarctica)
Download ZIP • 17.97MB
Beyond The Ice Walls Of Antarctica

The following map specializes in the terrains or planes beyond the Earth's ice walls or firmament and is known as the Terra-Infinita Map (178 Worlds Under The Great Dome) created by Nos Confunden. Essentially, all of the alleged planets in space are really beside Earth on this infinite like plane each enclosed within their own firmaments, all enclosed within a larger great firmament. He has a site where you can purchase Terra-Infinita merchandise and a Telegram channel where he has provided the following map which you could download here below from this site or from this Telegram post of his.

Flat Earth Map - Terra-Infinita (178 Worlds Under The Great Dome)
Download RAR • 580KB
Terra-Infinita (178 Worlds Under The Great Dome)

The following 1892 "New Standard Map Of The World" By Alexander Gleason is supported by his 1893 patent "US497917A known as Time Chart" which is pictured and provided below where he specifies,

My invention has reference to certain mechanical devices and geographical illustrations, to be used on a flat circular map of the world, and will be fully and clearly hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a flat circular map of the world, showing the outlines of the several continents, some of the larger islands, the indicating arms and other matter which will be more clearly hereinafter shown. Fig. 2 is a vertical central sectional elevation through a small central portion of the map, showing a portion of the indicating arms and the construction of the parts by which they are secured movably together and the two to the map. Referring to said drawings-18 represents the map proper which is circular in form, and flat; having twenty four radiating or meridian lines, B, extending from the center to the circumference.
Patent - US497917A - Time Chart - Alexander Gleason
Download PDF • 321KB
1892 - New Standard Map Of The World - Alexander Gleason