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We Are Watching A White Hat Movie: The 2021 USA Inc. Joe Biden Shadow Presidency

Updated: Sep 5

Let's be very clear before we dive into this highly debated topic, the real Joseph R. Biden is dead and was executed via Human Rights International military tribunal in 2019 for crimes against children/humanity. Since then the individual we have seen campaign, debate, commit election fraud/treason, and get falsely inaugurated to a dissolved USA Inc. in the mainstream media has not been Joseph R. Biden. Rather, it has been a combination of CGI deep fake technology (for televised purposes), a deep state clone/double (which has already been phased out of the movie), and since the arrest demonstrated by the ankle boot (aka ankle monitor) an actor wearing a skinmask (rumored to possibly be Jim Carrey, his double, James Woods, Steve Martin, Struan Rodger, even JFK Jr. or General Michael Flynn, or any combination of the aforementioned). Simply put, Joe Biden or the actor playing his role rather known as "Bidan", is an illegitimate President. This has all been part of the plan and nothing can stop what is coming; God won already.

The actor or double is playing out the white hat military controlled shadow presidency to awaken the normies and libtards to the consequences of a president controlled by CCP, deep state, Khazarian, Zionist, Freemasonic, Illuminati, Jesuit, globalists trying to usher in the Fascist communist transhumanist pedophiliac Luciferian Nazi one world order. It had to be done this way not only to awaken the world, prevent another American civil war, but also to prevent the weakening of American borders thus making them susceptible to invasion from foreign deep state militias like CCP, ISIS, ANTIFA, Nazis, cartels, mafias, and gangs. The white hat military alliance is awaiting Bidan's approval rating to tank to 20% or below before going public with the operation (possibly the EBS) as they want to ensure the overwhelming majority of American's are onboard with removing the puppet publicly and legally.

Creepy Touchy Feely Sleepy Sniffy Incestual Pedo Joe CCP Biden

Before we go any further we should pay special attention to Trump intentionally misspelling "Biden" as "Bidan" in the following tweet. The significance of the misspelling is Trump communicating with his digital soldiers that Biden is no longer Biden, but rather another guy "Bidan" who is playing the role of Biden.

Moreover, we should take notice of Trump openly saying on C-SPAN that Biden was "a different guy" on June 11, 2019. Check out the following clip where Trump even elaborates by saying "he looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to." Trump is not only alluring to the obvious discrepancies you will observe in the following images of Biden in this article, but also his noticeably different mannerisms.

Much like C-SPAN, Fox News truthers Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both tried to awaken their mainstream audiences to the fact that Joe Biden is no longer the same guy from the 1980's. In the following clip from November 6, 2020, Tucker explains that "its becoming ever more clear that there is no Joe Biden, he no longer exists, and that a projection remains, a hologram."

Equally, In following clip from March 4, 2021, Hannity displays side by side comparisons of Biden highlighting facial, mannerism, and vocal differences amongst the Bidan characters. Hannity asks "What Happened To Joe?" before he compares clips from the following dates in recent history:

  • October 11, 2012 (Real Joe Biden)

  • July 27, 2016 (Real Joe Biden)

  • November 7, 2019 (Black Hat Actor/Clone/Double Bidan)

  • May 4, 2020 (Black Hat Actor/Clone/Double Bidan)

  • February 26, 2021 (White Hat Actor/Double Bidan)

During 2018 the real Joe Biden was charged with the following combination of Title 18 U.S. Code felony violations which will be publicly disclosed at some point during the movie via the emergency broadcast system or another method of declassification.

During early 2019 the real Joe Biden was executed via firing squad for his Title 18 U.S. Code felony violations, amongst other charges that are still hidden under sealed indictment or heightened classification. Luckily, the military has recorded his execution on analog film (non-editable) for future declassification. Interestingly enough Trump has a history of referring to Biden as "shot" which is believed to be a reference to the fact he was executed via firing squad by the military. For example, in the following clip from October 27, 2020 around 12:30 Trump says "Three weeks in, Joe’s shot" which sounds like a reference to a failed presidency, but with the consideration of double meanings could also mean Joe Biden was shot within the first three weeks of 2019 possibly.

Similarly, in the following clip from June 25, 2020 referring to Joe Biden from around 32:50 Trump said "He’s shot. He’s shot. Whether you like it or not, he’s shot."

Again on Fox, on August 17, 2020 in the following clip Trump said "Joe is shot, let's face it. Joe is shot." This was released on the Team Trump Facebook page with the title "President Trump: "Let's face it, Joe is shot."

Fox for 3, we have Trump in Fayetteville, North Carolina on September 19, 2020 in the following clip stating "Now he’s shot, he’s got like half of his head left…he’s totally shot, and he ends up getting the nomination." This quote may have a double meaning with regards to Joe Biden's dementia or a bullet from a firing squad splitting his head, both resulting in him having half a head left.

Equally, on October 14, 2020 in the following Newsmax clip from 15:50 Trump said "Joe is — Joe is shot. I say it openly, he’s shot." This time seems to be the most blunt variation yet as Trump literally said "I say it openly, he's shot." For Trump to consistently bring up Joe Biden being shot like this, obviously he is implying we have more than we know and therefore Biden really was executed via firing squad in 2019.

After the real Joe Biden was executed the deep state quickly installed a black hat clone/double version of Joe Biden who appeared to have a bloody left eye where a Vril lizard would inject its proboscis to take over the host body during the illuminati soul scalping ritual.

Joe Biden (Black Hat Clone/Double): Left Eye Bloody Where Vril Lizard Proboscis Was Inserted

It was first reported on November 29, 2020 that the deep state clone/double Joe Biden had fractured his foot playing with his dog. Just a mere few days later that same Joe Biden so flagrantly showed off how not broken his foot was, after he allegedly fractured it. He was so obviously concealing an ankle monitor and this just makes it undeniable.

It is believed that the above black hat deep state clone/double Joe Biden was phased out of the white hat movie on December 21, 2020. Trump even mentions during the 2021 CPAC that many people were "taken care of" including on December 21, 2020 when Joe Biden "got his shot." Meaning that the black hat deep state clone/double Biden was "taken care of" as in executed (suitably, even by lethal injection) as part of the US Militaries' Operation Warp Speed.

Relatedly, before Trump delivered his 2021 CPAC speech, OAN claimed that Joe Biden was in custody until a detention hearing on Friday, January 22, 2021. This was OAN's way of phasing out the black hat clone/double Joe Biden from the white hat movie. The following clip is heavily censored online and unfortunately this was the only copy I could find.

If you study the following facial comparisons of the real Joe Biden, the black hat clone/double Joe Biden, and the white hat double/actor you should notice critical differences relating to the eye color changing from blue to brown, turkey neck vanishing, and the ear lobes being noticeably different. Before you let your cognitive dissonance take control and claim this is mere plastic surgery you should first come to an understanding that a man this old would need advanced complex facial surgery to achieve this transformation. There would undeniably be noticeable scarring regardless of how good the doctor was, forehead bone structure always remains unchanged, and the tips of the ears are also never changed during facelifts unlike the lobes which can be tucked/tightened.

Joe Biden (Real) vs. Joe Biden (Black Hat Clone/Double)
Joe Biden (Real) vs. Joe Biden (Black Hat Clone/Double)
Joe Biden (Real) vs. Joe Biden (White Hat Double/Actor)
Joe Biden (Real) vs. Joe Biden (Black Hat Clone/Double) vs. Joe Biden (White Hat Double/Actor)
Joe Biden (Real) vs. Joe Biden (Black Hat Clone/Double) vs. Joe Biden (White Hat Double/Actor)

This brings our attention to the Illuminati Card Game's "Impostor Card" which decades in advance coincidentally showcases a gentlemen with a neck color mismatch that looks oddly similar to Biden's appearance in a December 5, 2019 CNBC interview below. The card itself explains that it is to be used in situations where a personality must be duplicated due to assassination, much like Biden's situation. The leftist globalist controlled fact-checkers will try to tell you this is simply a lighting illusion error, but you are smarter than that.

Due to Jim Carrey's various predictively programmed acting appearances there are theories circulating that he is the main actor playing the role of Joe Biden, known as "Bidan." This can only be successfully accomplished with the inclusion of acting props like wearing a silicone skinmask (examples seen below) and using a voice modulator in addition to CGI. Everyday people already have access to voice modulators for video gaming, so why wouldn't the military have this technology decades in advance? Could the white hat military alliance have intentionally put Jim Carrey in the following acting roles to help normies awaken to the 2021 Joe Biden shadow presidency?

Joe Biden Silicone Skinmask Malfunctions As Ear Skin Flap Is Exposed
Jim Carrey Could Be The Face Behind The Skinmask Playing The Role of Joe Biden
Jim Carrey Could Be The Face Behind The Skinmask Playing The Role of Joe Biden

Jim Carrey notably starred in the 1994 comedy classic "The Mask" followed by the 1998 eye opening "The Truman Show" which coincidentally demonstrates just how easy it is for the mainstream media and film industry to simulate reality as we know it. The movie even states "On air. Unaware." on the front cover as Truman is shown approaching the exit of the simulation which implies that Truman was unaware he was in a movie and entrapped within a civilization by a dome or firmament until he started paying attention, sought out truth, awakened, and escaped. Many of us are still unaware that we too are being deceived by Fascist Zionist Jesuit Freemasonic mockingbird programming and institutionalized indoctrination to keep us entrapped in the low vibrational loosh "matrix" simulation. Simultaneously deterring humanity from learning about the true shape of God's earth while intentionally deceiving us to prevent humanity from ascending by collectively raising our vibrational frequency.

More recently, we had a refresher of Jim Carrey's predictively programmed acting appearances when he played no other than the role of Joe Biden himself 6 times throughout 2020 on SNL without a skinmask on. Absolute plain sight, could not be more obvious than that.

As of March 30, 2021, Jesse Watters made it abruptly clear on mainstream Fox News that we are watching a scripted movie which he referred to as the Truman Show where Joe Biden is being played by Jim Carrey behind a silicone facemask. This is rather interesting as there are only two Q drops in their entirety that specifically say "watch the water" and Jesse's last name is literally Watters as in the plural of water! It's such a blissful feeling to be vindicated so regularly these days, it seems all the "conspiracies" we once had are slowing turning into hard facts.

As of the evening of September 13, 2021 in Long Beach, California, protestors spotted one of the skinmask wearing Joe Biden "Bidan" body doubles as he appeared to be leaving a Castle Rock productions role play as POTUS. As he attempted to flee while being questioned by protesters for being a presidential body double he proudly raised his hands acknowledging that he was in fact Joe Biden's body double when repeatedly asked! it is important to note that there were zero secret service agents in sight (which is standardized procedure for a legitimate POTUS) and even the cops walk away from him while he is within a short distance from protestors, or should we say a short distance from face skinmask ripping off reach.

It could also possibly be Jim Carrey's clone or stunt double playing the role as he was also believed to already be executed via International Human Rights Tribunal for crimes against children/humanity by the white hat military alliance. What is more likely is that Jim Carrey took a deal with the white hat military alliance to play this role in the movie we are all watching to avoid execution for the crimes he has committed. Isaac Kappy even mentions that Jim Carrey begged him to arrange a deal with Q as he feared for his looming execution.

In the following slow-motion clip filmed off an unidentified mainstream source, the Joe Bidan actor makes it abundantly clear that he is in fact wearing an advanced silicone skinmask. The actor behind the skinmask tugs and stretches the skinmask so far out to the point where he reveled all of his gums/teeth on the bottom of his mouth, right before releasing the skinmask at which point we can see the respective effect of the silicone's elasticity as it releases from his finger tips and does not instantly return to how/where the lip/skin would normally rest over the gums/teeth if it were actual human skin as opposed to silicone.

The following clips are simply examples of what exactly an advanced silicone skinmask would look like that the white hat actor(s) may be using to disguise themselves as Joe Biden in the Castle Rock and white hat military alliance movie collaboration.

In addition or on the contrary to the Joe Bidan double wearing a high production silicone skinmask he could also plain and simply just be an actor that looks like the real Joe Biden would if he were still alive today. Due to the shocking facial similarities between Joe Biden and Struan Rodger (September 18, 1946) it becomes hard to ignore the possibility that the mainly supporting roles actor from Manchester, England would pass on the opportunity of a lifetime to play POTUS, even as as the most hated clown that Bidan has been made out to be during the White Hat controlled shadow presidency.

There are even other theories circulating that JFK Jr. could possibly be playing the role of Joe Biden under the disguise of a skinmask. This is believed to be possible because Joe Biden has not been granted access to AF1 (as seen below) and JFK Jr. was known for flying planes (possibly even AF2 disguised as Joe Biden). Wikipedia went out of their way again on February, 6, 2021 for their globalist sponsors to change the definition of AF1 to be the callsign of any plane that the "President" fly's on, as observed in the editing history by Wikipedia editor Avashnirvana.

AF1 vs. AF2

The reason Joe Biden has no choice other than to use AF2 is because AF1 is obviously in use by the actual commander-in-chief of the military and President of the Restored Republic of USA, Donald J. Trump. Trump successfully dissolved the bankrupted USA Inc. which was controlled by the Inner City of London and the Vatican, followed by implementing Trumpsara/NESARA/GESARA which is why the deep state is so panicked. This will free humanity from the Illuminati Zionist globalist controlled central banks and bring about the quantum blockchain financial system backed by gold, silver, assets, and property.

Now if we refer to the 116th Congress (2019-2020) S.394 - Presidential Transition Enhancement Act of 2019 shown below it is clear that Trump is still in office for up to 60 days (up to March 20, 2021) after the inauguration of the President-elect and Vice President-elect for use in connection with the assumption of official duties as President or Vice President necessary services and facilities. It is believed that as part of Trump's desire to truly return the USA to constitutional law he plans to have a proper public inauguration at some point. Unknowing misinformed anons and shills falsely rumored it would be held on March 4, 2021 to align with the original constitution, followed by that rumour morphing into march 20, 2021.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed Trump is still in charge by the house and senate proceeding with yet another bogus impeachment trial against Trump. Cornell Law School defines the American impeachment process as being limited for office holders with the limited purposes of removal from office and disqualification to hold future office. Therefore, meaning Trump is still in office as President.

Now that we are clear that the real Joe Biden is dead and Trump is still very much in charge, let us take a closer look at the 2021 USA Inc. faux Joe Biden Castle Rock white hat military alliance shadow presidency which Q warned us in advance would be irregular information warfare. Evidently, the politically biased censorship, discreditation shilling, and liberally aligned fact checkers have only increased the destruction of freedom of speech and normal civil discourse online.

Even the military does not consider Joe Biden the President, as demonstrated by their salute reserved for funerals and visiting foreign dignitaries. This is referred to as the shot heard around the world in several Q drops. Drop 572 resembles the week of the faux inauguration of actor/double Joe Biden as being the great awakening for society to truly understand the corrupt, Marxist, Zionist, communist agenda of what would have been Biden's CCP deep state handlers.

The following videos are the referenced YouTube links in the above chan board post demonstrating the difference between Biden's foreign dignitary salute in comparison to Trump's traditional presidential battery salute. The military does everything by the book, this was intentional, and the shot was heard around the world.

Equally, the following video showcased the National Guard turn their backs on Biden's motorcade as it headed to the Capitol, demonstrating they too did not consider him to be the legitimate President.

Moreover, on June 6, 2021 a uniformed US Armed Forces member released a video of himself online stating that at a retirement ceremony he had just attended for a fellow member there was a letter of appreciation read to the audience which was signed by Donald J. Trump. He goes on to specify that he has been to countless military retirement ceremonies and the letters of appreciation are always signed by the current United States President, which had the crowd's heads spinning in confusion. In this case yet again confirming that Trump Donald is in fact the current President of the Republic of the United States of America. He explains on his TikTok that he contacted his retired friend after the event and asked if he had requested that Trump intentionally sign it, at which point he confirmed that was not the case and it was natural military protocol simply being signed by the current US Commander-In-Chief.

Is it possible that the US military is against domestic terrorism and its enablers? Cause the last time I checked the oath of enlistment reads something along the lines of "supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." It comes as no surprise the military considers Biden a foreign dignitary and turn their back on him when you factor in his blatant affiliation with ANTIFA (officially classified as domestic terrorists). Even the leftist discreditation tools known as fact-checkers agree that when you type "ANTIFA.com" in your web browser URL address bar it redirects you to Biden's White House website as seen in the following video. This is just another interesting coincidence that highlights how the real Joe Biden was a Facist Marxist Zionist Socialist.

Equally, the Joe Biden actor/double took his presidential oath on a rare 1884 Douay & Rheims Catholic Masonic (Jesuit) Bible as put together below by yours truly. He is blatantly showing his allegiance to secret societies and occultism through symbolism, which shall be their downfall.

Joe Biden’s Double Swore On The Rare 1884 Douay & Rheims Catholic Masonic (Jesuit) Bible

No wonder Biden shill Chris D. Jackson had to repost an old image from his own timeline to make it seem like Biden actually goes to church and not just ritual nights at his Masonic lodge. Below we observe the tweet on the left from February 7, 2021 and the tweet on the right from November 15, 2020 showcasing the original image that had since been reposted along with a blatant lie equivalent of fake news proportions.

Q Drop 4414 implies that after RED 1-6 are achieved (which they have been) we are to focus our attention to "Castle_Rock." This is thought to be comms for Castle Rock Entertainment as they have an extensive White House set that was used in "The American President" by Aaron Sorkin.

This White House set is located at