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Freemasonry & The Pineal Gland

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Why are there 33 levels of Free Masonic degrees, in the religion and knowledge of Free Masonry?

Story By: Deborah Cohen

The 33 degrees represents the anatomical structure in the human spine, from bottom rising up towards the top.. (root chakra, Kundalini spirit, rises in through the root chakra (the sacum) first when a member of Free Masonry will learn the final and essential secret of the secret society and it’s true religion, philosophy and magic knowledge. The final secrets of the Masonic beliefs and rules he will discover that the final test will be a physical practice of being sodomized and sodomize himself.

This is one of the darker secret occult knowledges because it contains raping innocent children and collect the body fluids from perpetrator and victim on a hankerchief, traumatising the victim with violent rape is a cold blooded technique, used by the satanic elite bloodline families to create dissociation with the minds of their children. The same sinister technique is also used by handlers in Monarch Programming (trauma based mind control) among with others torture techniques, psychoactive drugs, sleep deprivation, sense-deprivation and hypnosis, this techniques is based on descriptions originated in the Egyptian book of the dead. The luciferians participates in pedophilia (satanic ritual abuse) ritualistic cannibalism, blood drinking (spirit cooking) and murder (sacrifice) of children. And it is based on Aleister Crowley’s published writings of sex magick and Thelma the great work. Aleister Crowley studied this on his honeymoon in Egypt in 1921. These occult rituals is traced back through history to the ancient Egypt). Ritualistic murder of children was also practiced by the phoenicians.

According to researcher and professor Piero Bartoloni by the Cultural of Phoenician and Punic Studies, Rome, these sacrifices of children never took place and he claims that phoenician sacrifices of their children is a myth which is fictive stories. A Funerary Rite Study of the Phoenician-Punic Necropolis of Mount Sirai (Sardinia, ltaly) fabricated to protect the elite bloodline families secret criminal occult activities. If this is the case, he is supporting the cover-up of the the Black Nobility.

The satanic luciferian elite bloodlines are convinced that the programming of a human being is a must, to enter the hidden plain of knowledge. To become enlighted and to become a part of the Illuminati elites secret society clan. They believe that this will seal a spiritual contract of loyalty towards the clan, and discretion about the huge secret of what the secret really is..

The sexual abuse sodomy and dissociation experience within the victim, represents being reborn, to Lucifer instead of Jesus Christ and God, according to the luciferians. They sell the soul of their children to Satan with this occult procedure: Child Abuse as Sex Magick & Sexual Research: Aleister Crowley & Alfred Kinsey (Occult Yorkshire 14).







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