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The Truth About Q Anon Shaman: He's Not What The Mainstream Media Says He Is

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Mr. Jake Angeli is one of the many victims of misinformation, slander, lies and blatant disrespect by the mainstream media. I wanted to make this article because it's about time someone did, we are going to be explaining to you how Jake is not only a Q super soldier, but is a spiritual warrior for the Great Awakening and an incredibly intelligent man. Jake Angeli was allegedly born in 1988 and attended Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by Glendale Community College, where he completed some coursework in psychology, religion, philosophy, and ceramics. Jake Angeli is a deep thinker, someone who did his research and is truly devoted to his spiritual practice. It's not often we see Shamans, but it's quite amazing Q anon had this shaman in the movement and he was/still is a major part of The Great Awakening.

Mr. Angeli's Self-Published Books:

Jacob (Jake) Anthony Angeli Chansley, better known as "Buffalo Horns Guy" or "QAnon Shaman" or "Viking Hat Guy" or "Yellowstone Wolf" claims to be a US Navy contracted (no NDA) weaponized super soldier operative connected to people involved with the Q information dissemination program and project looking glass. There is a lot of disinformation circulating that he is ANTIFA or a LARP, but the truth is he covertly infiltrated ANTIFA and has been gathering evidence all along from his secret camera located in his Viking hat. He acted as a double-agent for ANTIFA when playing the role of the QAnon Shaman, but in realty was a triple-agent Navy super soldier playing ANTIFA all along. The FBI went after him because they are complicit in concealing ANTIFA's criminal activity surrounding the election, insurrection, and riots. Jake Angeli is a patriot, someone who cares about our rights and freedoms who doesn't want to see our children continue to go missing. It seems Jake Angeli met with Rudy Giuliani as well, Rudy is Donald Trumps former attorney and perhaps Jake was asked by Rudy to collect evidence against ANTIFA?

Jake Anthony Angeli Chansley AKA "Buffalo Horns Guy" or "QAnon Shaman" or "Viking Hat Guy" or "Yellowstone Wolf"

Jake Angeli explains in the above video how he is a member of the Q super soldier program, what the "plan" is and the patents the US Navy have in place for advanced technology involving energy. He explains how the Navy uses memes to communicate messages to the public through Q, he goes very in depth about how we are on the verge of seeing a whole new world unfolding before us in the coming years and those who follow the white rabbit understand this. This is all about a part of NESERA, which is an economic reformation act that Trump and the White Hats are allegedly working to fully implement and shift the course of our nation.

Jake asks for our help in sharing information about the several released patents assigned to the US Secretary Of The Navy all from the same inventor Salvatore Cezar Pais (sometimes referred to as "Savior of the People"). These patents are related to zero point free energy devices, TR3B triangular antigravitational aircrafts, and room temperature superconductor technology. Reason being that the combination of these patented technologies creates the future of antigravitational aircrafts with an unlimited climate controlled power supply. This is massive news and it makes no sense the mainstream media won't talk about this but then again they won't report the truth. All patents can be found on our NESERA/GESARA article for further inspection and sharing. Jake Angeli is obviously tied with Q and the Navy especially considering he enlisted back in 2005.

Jake Angeli uploaded 15 videos on Rumble in 2020 and 4 videos January 1, 2020 (5 days before January 6, 2020) in which he exposes human trafficking, black magic, spiritual warfare, advanced technology and the plan to create a New Heaven on earth. Every single one of these videos are over 30 minutes long and loaded with information. His channel on rumble is under the name YellowstoneWolfAZ. Jake Angeli's videos explain what Q is, what Q's plan is, The Great Awakening and goes into incredible detail about things like sacred geometry. Jake Angeli is depicted by the mainstream as an extremist, an idiot, and a complainer about how he wanted organic meals in jail. This article exists to show the truth about Jake Angeli and the Q movement as a whole.

It's funny, he was wanted by the FBI and considered a domestic terrorist who did something so wrong, but here he was nonchalantly doing an interview instead of hiding from the FBI.

The video above proves that Jake Angeli along with the rest of the "capital riots" had an agreement with the capital police: that they had a right to peacefully assemble in that building and to perform a protest. This was not an invasion on the capital or a take over of the capital, the police weren't against this or trying to stop this, this was a demonstration to show that this country is a republic, and that enough is enough. It's funny how the mainstream media has ignored damage caused by ANTIFA and BLM that went completely ignored by police supposedly because they were being given the right to "peacefully protest."

Q Anon Shaman (Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley) & Nancy Pelosi's Son-In-Law Michiel Vos

As observed in the above photo, Nancy Pelosi's son-in-law Michiel Vos came from Europe with a film crew to pose with Jake before Capitol Police escorted him through the building. This begs the question, why were they together? Was he setup by Pelosi? Was Jake predestined as the "Q" fall guy? Nonetheless, its abundantly clear now that Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt politicians lied about the whole thing, tried and did use it to go after countless American Patriots labelling them as "domestic terrorists." We know our rights, we are working to maintain and fight for the rights that the government considers nonexistent.

In the above video Jake Angeli explains what Q is, along with what the deep state cabal is doing and has done. He explains how the Q team is top level of military and with their assistance we are going to win this battle against the deep state and take our country back.

The two videos above are from Soul Freedom's YouTube channel and contain the host Lokesh Rai along with Jake Angeli. As we will see from the interviews Jacob Angeli a.k.a. Yellowstone Wolf is a spiritual & political consultant, shamanic practitioner, author, energetic healer, ordained minister, seeker of truth, and servant of God. He has been completely lied about by the mainstream media and labelled as a terrorist even though he clearly is a patriot.

Jake and Lokesh provide a detailed list of chemicals commonly found in food products that are known to cause cancer, neurological disorders, diminished cognitive function, weight gain, inflammation and health problems. A detailed list of food and nutrients commonly associated with fighting cancer, improving cognitive function, reducing inflammation, losing weight, combating illness, and increasing overall health. They give an in depth look at how frequency creates healing as well as access to the products that use these frequency technologies to heal the body, increase energy, improve sleep, detoxify the body on a cellular level, repair DNA and reduce inflammation.

They provide detailed instructions along with a template to synergize your daily efforts and increase your intelligence, dexterity, strength, spiritual awareness, health and free time. An in depth look as to what karma is in more detail as well as how to accumulate positive karma and purge negative karma. Helping you to act as a force of positive vibrations and peace everywhere you go. They teach how to raise your vibration and keep your vibration raised, thusly teaching you how to consciously evolve. They teach how to preemptively identify and avoid emotional vampires as well as how to purge them from your karma and personal life. They also teach how to guard against black magic and negative vibrations from other people and how to purge negative self talk. They also include profound insights on the afterlife, how to prepare for it as well as how to attain and maintain your ascension before and after the death of the body.

They explain how they help select individuals see the big picture as well as where they fit in that big picture as an individual and as a global force for positive change. They provide individuals with information, tools, product knowledge, and motivation to make long lasting changes in their lives and legendary innovations in the world as a whole.

The video above is another video from the Soul Freedom's YouTube channel coming in at a hefty 3 hours and 49 minutes long. The video contains plenty of information about Q, self development, inner work, shadow work and about timelines. Jake is an extremely intelligent, stable and very devoted man to his spiritual path. The mainstream media made him out to be someone he isn't, the mainstream media has lied and slandered countless people for going against the false narrative they prescribe us.

In the following resurfaced clip from January 6, 2021, we observe Mr. Chansley reading the following Donald J. Trump tweet from 3:13 PM to the protestors at the Capitol. Jake reads the tweet on the speaker phone, followed by encouraging the people to go home and remain peaceful as they are not ANTIFA.

The mainstream media lies and withholds information from the public so stop listening to them. The mainstream media is a tool of the deep state for social engineering and sharing biased propaganda. The American people deserve better than this, people all over the world deserve better than what the cabal has offered them and Q is going to provide justice.

Trust the plan and maintain faith!

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