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MK-Ultra Victim Exposes International Money Laundering System That Funds Terrorism & Trafficking

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

According to Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico he is a walking survivor of MK-Ultra Neuralink brain implant technology experimentation. He explains he has been continually tortured by the operators of his implant and the Freemasonic Deep State has strategically prevented humanitarian assistance. The following story and transcript were translated from Spanish to English so there is a slight bit lost in translation, but its well worth the read and hopefully results in justice served.

It is important to note that Elon Musk's "The Boring Company" dug some of the D.U.M.B.'s (Deep Underground Military Bases) connected to underground tunnel systems used for human and organ trafficking. Boring machines similar to those depicted below were used to dig these deep underground tunnels. The aforementioned in addition to the following transcript are the reason why Elon Musk was arrested for crimes against humanity and replaced by a White Hat Military installed crisis actor double being used to unite and awaken the masses on topics like adrenochrome, the LGBTQPedo Transhumanist Globalist Ashkenazi World Order Agenda and the true shape of Earth.

On December 6, 2023 at 4:38 PM (16:38), Elon Musk's White Hat double tweeted "(MK) Ultra" with a matching timestamp to a Q Drop (Q1638) that included a New York Post article mentioning MK Ultra 3 times. The article explained the Bourne film series was based on fact about how the CIA used mind control programs to create the perfect assassin, which are commonly used in Freemasonic false flags. Do you still believe in coincidences?

Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores Blows The Whistle:

My name is Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores I am in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, and Elon Musk has kept my brain connected to computers since 2016. I am a survivor of the organ trafficking laboratories and illegal experiments that are maintained by Neuralink in Mexico. During Enrique Peña Nieto's presidential term, human rights activists and defenders were married and directly persecuted by the United States' Pentagon with the use of military devices that were lodged inside people's bodies without knowing it. Within the investigation of the main source of money laundering of the Federal Government in Mexico as well as the governments of multiple countries that deliver all their resources directly to the pentagon through the platform. is the largest black market in pseudo-political Freemasonry with a satanic orientation. To denounce the slavery of Mexico by artificial intelligence by establishing a series of protocols within the institutions in charge of protecting the Mexican currency to allow the payment system to exercise money laundering in each of the deposits a phantom company generated by the institutions and by the same bank in Mexico. turns out to be the virtual currency that unifies 18 countries with America since the presidency of Bill Clinton this currency trading system allows Hillary Clinton to finance elections, terrorism, and war taking money from all over America. The biggest thief, together with the pentagon in a pact where the United Nations is responsible for the poverty and hunger caused by migration. They take all the money through the platform and privatize all the companies in the country, appropriating of the products, receiving the payments with their own management system, generating a monster in artificial intelligence that completely destroyed the nation in 20 years. This has successfully established the first slavery by artificial intelligence that establishes its own government law courts in order to finance the same Islamic State. The Islamic state is financed directly via the currency generated by the pentagon evidencing how Visa and MasterCard after September 11 unified the currencies of 18 countries in an international money laundering system.

Washington post is ignoring me and I need your help being American citizens to be able to contact the authorities, democracy dies in the dark, and also people, due to the censorship of this news millions of people have died. Washington Post published a reward of 10,000,000 dollars issued by Hustler Magazine & Larry Flynt revealing this system of financing to the Islamic state ends with the governments of Mexico, Argentina, and the United States. This complaint against the Pentagon must be reported to 911 by any citizen and issued to the white house or to the supreme court of Mexico or the United States, under the National Security Law of the United States Patriot Act.

On April 24, 2017 the United Nations tried to remove me from Mexico to subject the country to slavery, as President Enrique Peña Nieto denounces maximum treason, requesting a political trial against the Mexican Senate, arguing the total annulment of the political constitution under a series of military protocols. is a black market, a phantom company generated within each government institution that appears to be a company in Argentina for which no law applies and no institution applies, takes the country's trade routes as in any conquest. Migration in Mexico and America is intentionally generated. The tool used for 20 years is because all tax money is delivered directly to the United States government and the United Nations through the financial and banking systems that establish military protocols where there is no review by any authority when this platform is thus allowing money laundering of different criminal organizations dedicated to organ trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, drugs, pharmacies, medicines, and all kinds of theft from companies and governments because is openly a international money laundering system protected and allowed by Interpol. Interpol issued a red card for a short period of time on April 24, 2017, naming me the second most wanted on the planet when I requested a political trial for Enrique Peña Nieto and activated an international protocol where I was sought as the highest priority of the United Nations to get me out of Mexico and kill him immediately.

On April 24, 2017, the Supreme Court of Justice had an operation that the United Nations sent naming me a criminal dedicated to laundering money for child pornography and other crimes, false news was broadcast on Televisa, the main news and television company of Mexico at its Guadalajara branch where journalist Rocío López Ruelas, director of these newsreels, accompanied the operation where they tried to get me out of the country. I managed to take refuge in the sewer system and request to contact the supreme court of justice that confirmed the annulment of the political constitution and international treaties by the terrorist group Islamic State to establish a black market on the platform that finances directly to the United States Pentagon illegally establishing a pattern of financing the elections to manipulate them and favour the Democrat political party that maintain this corruption.

Rocío López Ruelas

In a desperate attempt the pentagon keeps my family and friends under threat with the most advanced technology of the agency designed by DARPA which introduced spy cameras with which it organizes a snuff show. For three years, journalist Rocío López Ruelas has been in control of these devices, including one of the MK-Ultra chips implanted in my brain. Elon musk delivered technology to the Islamic State that allows a new version of terrorism, this technology is also in the hands of the geopolitical Freemasonry sect that maintains human sacrifices with it. For three years the National Security of Mexico has kept me alive through a device that connects my brain to computers through which we could negotiate with the terrorist group Islamic State the freedom of the currencies of the American continent. In a desperate attempt the United Nations used terrorism to attack me directly with measures to cause my death. When questioned by the Islamic state to uncover the largest pedophile network in Mexico's politics that maintains protection directly by the supreme court maintains cannibalistic and satanic rites explaining the Islamic State that his own god ordered to stop it. So the Islamic State had no choice, he did not obey the United Nations in his attempt to kill me. Other truly precious angelic manifestations that are saved in videos allegedly of national security by the supreme court confirmed the instructions of his own god in a great miracle of Islam that gave abundance and food to the entire American continent in a great miracle. In order to contain this situation, the United States government, through the Freemasonry sect, has ridiculed this situation by implanting a device that is implanted inside my body, organizing a reality show where it intends to force me to carry out a revolution. Ridiculously all the media in Mexico have been informed and they keep him under censorship receiving millions directly paid by Visa and MasterCard to keep this fraud secret. The most terrible thing is that in the interrogation I was subjected to, paedophilia recordings that were previously recorded with another device in the brain of another person.

Elon musk developed an implant that is placed in the brain and allows the recording of neural activity with the ability to reproduce the inside of another person's brain in the third phase of sleep as a lucid dream experience. In this way pedophilia took a course so that humanity will never be ready. I am directly denouncing Elon Musk for organ trafficking as I am a victim of his experiments and I have his technology inside my brain the same one that is used by members of Freemasonry sects where they sacrifice children with acts of pedophilia, the same sects that are protected by Hillary Clinton and the supreme court of justice in Mexico of which the United Nations and Interpol have knowledge, but by belonging to the Freemasonry sect they maintain an international protection protocol. The maximum help that all international institutions have allowed has been to keep me alive and ridicule me to be humiliated by said sect as if I were a reality show. I am tortured 24 hours by the journalist Rocío López Ruelas through the implant that I have installed. I need urgent attention from the Red Cross with the protocols of war because I have been attacked with weapons of the third world war by the largest organ trafficking network. I am outnumbered and I need all your help. Stopping the system ends with the largest network of cannibalism Satanism pedophilia within the United Nations and the Vatican. I need the media to be contacted. I am being watched, I am monitored and every media contact I am immediately blocked by the Freemasonry system.

On the account Pedro Eduardo Felix @B166ERmx I left some emails that I have sent the authorities of the United States without any response because I am correct and there is great complicity in these networks. The nurses in New York have just sued their city. Well, COVID-19 was generated by Enrique Peña Nieto with the human experimentation that is maintained in Mexico, it is a biological weapon generated through the companies Mastercard and Visa and the applications within the restructuring of the systems of commerce and coexistence that are maintained in a military way to achieve global conquest through the infiltration of Freemasonry in all governments.

Someone interested in saving the world? Outnumber me. Being a United States citizen you have something I don't. Rights, laws, institutions, and free media. Unfortunately I am in Mexico subjugated by Rocío López Ruelas director of the Televisa newscasts that has been in charge of generating hunger throughout the American continent and killing millions of people as well as prolonging the war that has killed hundreds of American soldiers just for their fun and entertainment crafting the most sophisticated genocidal show for terrorism. The largest pedophilia network is behind because it is the system they use thousands of migrant children that are employed every year and women are kidnapped to become pregnant against their will. Elon musk maintains laboratories for human experimentation and with thousands of migrants already developed technology that implants very easily inside the body and is imperceptible we have managed to capture one of these devices with which it is kept alive under the protection of the Freemasonry sect and the United Nations unofficially united, multiple governments collapsed revealing this situation.

Mexico is making uranium taken from all by the United States pentagon, most of the weapons it maintains today are generated through the Durango robbery that Chiapas and other states maintain since they have taken full sovereignty and control of Mexico and are imposing new taxes with the sole desire to starve and impoverish the population generating hordes of slaves whom they call migrants. The people of America have to know that they are not migrants they are slaves, the Mexican army has betrayed them and has financed the terrorist groups to the Qaeda Boko Haram and the Islamic State through market with the help of Visa and MasterCard in the largest network of complicity. That the dead of Juárez in Mexico are the production of snuff videos where they are raped to death with these devices produced by Elon Musk Neuralink who has taken Satanic pedophilia to another level. The Vatican itself maintains control of the device that I have implanted being a cowardly accomplice.

The new world order is represented by a third eye and refers to the mental eye by means of a device they have access to what you are looking at speaking thinking listening even your dreams. They refer to that symbol, they achieved the perfect emulation of a demonic possession through DARPA agency technology. From the United States Consulate in Guadalajara there is an illegal military attack with weapons that protect the Islamic State terrorist group.

I need a citizen of the United States to dare to officially denounce these events, the supreme court of justice is complicit and I have received full attention for 3 years allowing mental monitoring to Rocío López Ruelas, to whom she gave my investigation and has taken control of Mexico becoming the empress the only Pillar of financing terrorism, organ trafficking, pedophilia, and many other variations of organized crime.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

Truly is the main source of financing for terrorism and revealing this fraud ends the war that has been going on since the Pentagon initiated it and will save the lives of many American soldiers.


Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores Interview Transcript:

Is This It: Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Neuralink, His Brain Implant Technology?

Regarding that… Neuralink maintains illegal experiments with migrants in Mexico I have had a device for four years, operated by the press on instructions from the Supreme Court of Justice arguing national security.

Who is it safe to report this to? Which agency?

All the agencies were informed and that is why I have a device in my brain. They are all part of the same game of politics and freedom. The independence of each country and everything that the social structure represents is just a pantomime. General communication reality with extravagant lies. Under protocols they hide reality. The only people who can make the change are those of us who are citizens, and that is where they have us trapped because we depend on the media to inform us.

I see. Are you in control of what you say? Does it hurt physically or what exactly can they do with Neuralink?

After it was implanted, yes. Terrible migraine that left me incapacitated for a year. The migraines are more sporadic, lately. There is a simulation room where they can induce consciousness to a dream.

I pray for you that your pain will disappear. Do you know the location of the simulation room, or at least the city in which it is located? Are they still using you for experiments today?

It is a development. At the moment, thousands of children in Mexico and America and the world keep these devices recording their learning system and their whole lives without them knowing all the data is digitized. The aim is to be able to capture all of the data and separate them by means of a device to simulate the learning of the activities of actions, and to be able to record them in the biological brains

I want to clarify firstly that I believe you. Do they use the device to record experiences of children who have the device on them? Or do they introduce experiences into the device so that the child experiences a simulated reality?

It depends on the situation. In the case of the boy who killed his teacher in Mexico, it is all a programming process for the subject to commit an act of terrorism. In other cases, the device remains dormant, watched by an artificial intelligence that emits certain alarms or records. In this way, the subjects in situations can be used. Many jihadists believe that their God truly commanded them to sacrifice. Many Satanists obey the voices. And in other cases the same authorities relate voices inside the head to schizophrenia and assume mental illnesses that do exist but … they are generated with this technology.

That is more than evil. Who are the responsible names?

I think Benedict resigned for this reason: the third secret of Fatima affirms the use of the Devil's eye, and it is the Vatican itself, the largest sectarian military organization on the planet. Each church is a Military fort. They serve as camouflage bridges, influence peddling, espionage, laundering.. And human experimentation ... Sacrifices ... SNUFF And refined sexual tastes.

The Roman Catholic Church are the leaders?

NASA. Everything is experimentation. Those who are in charge are not on the planet. Recording the lives of millions of people will be the next entertainment service.. Long trips, with the life experiences of millions.

How does this work?

Free marketplace payment is uber rapid without apron there are. They are NATO taking the e-commerce routes transportation in a conquest. is the currency that all pedophiles use for money laundering with international military protection.

I reported their story to the FBI, but I'm not sure if they are corrupt or if Trump drained that swamp?

Rocío is a news director in Guadalajara, not a president. She is doing this to me because I have gone for the head of and the Supreme Court and the United Nations, who has truly taken over the world and destroyed it internationally, killing millions of people and organizing a show where for the first time in humanity well yes God armed for a woman in a reality show. Rocío López Ruelas. Not a president. And it is that that everyone understands with my investigation of political blackmail keeping the evidence of a failed operation of July 24, 2017. They snatched up my intel I gathered; a series of protocols to kill millions of people: using journalism as a pretext for managing to take control of the American continent, generating the greatest migration, killing thousands of women, children and the elderly, and separating hundreds of families That woman took the Mexican army and control of all politics with simple blackmail.

The great migration of Mexican immigrants to the United States border. Was it faked by the media? What blackmail does she have against the military?

Unfortunately not. The sect hates Latinos as much as Hitler hates the Jews, and migration is totally intentional. All of America was intentionally destroyed in the last 30 years, until it reached the same misery that exists today. To enter the sect at higher levels, the death penalty is applied to deserters, or it demands that activities be committed that if made public would end as a catastrophe. There is even complete complicity in homicides Rocío López Ruelas has the loyalty of the army only for its level within Freemasonry.

Rocio Lopez Ruelas is a Freemason?

The same supreme court of law says that it is incapable to prosecute, that the case is beyond it. The national security threat that Rocío López Ruelas generated could cause a wide variety of catastrophes. She is the director of Televisa newscasts. She is an international spy; a priestess within Freemasonry.

Is he a celebrity in Mexico? Or is she unknown?

She is a journalist with an image of altruism. She requests that the irregularities of the Government be denounced, and then she persecutes or investigates whoever else denounced. This is how they steal investigations and generate military espionage.

That is crazy. So they criticize the government and then track down other critics who follow their lead to investigate them?

This is how the country works. The same thing happens in the CNDH and the UN and all the complaint systems, and many organizations against political corruption. They receive complaints and kill people to hide looting. The same Supreme Court of Justice is the one that gave me to Rocío López Ruelas and her sect, snatching away my research and submitting to their monitoring and torture.

Have you considered running away? To what extent can they monitor it? How do they torture?

It is impossible to escape. Everything that I see, speak, hear, and think, they broadcast in real time, and I am tortured in that way. With the “perfect journalism” Rocío López ruelas take control of the device that I have installed and organize a reality show You know that she could have managed to save the lives of millions of people. It is all day long that she makes fun of seeing them murdered and having the medicines taken from the sick children, and continuing with human experiments. I am using dictation and it is not being specified. Right now they watch as I write to you and sadly mock you. Every day that goes by, this is killing thousands upon thousands more people. It is truly destroying the world. It keeps me under stress just for fun, until it makes me scream. Those do work well.

What do they make you do for the show? Do they record your free will? Or are they forcing you to do things with the device? Is this device the new link device? You are a hero, by the way.

If you can, share it and my identity. My name is Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores. I am living this. and I need it to be made public because the Supreme Court must give an explanation to humanity, as well as the army of my country and the Pentagon the federal agencies that are sponsoring to terrorist groups. I am an envoy from Islam. Freemasonry recognized a direct intervention with which you can contact the Islamic State to let them know the discontent of their God. This is used by Satanism as a kind of Olympics. Rocío López Ruelas is the pillar of multiple governments’ treason, and with the blackmail that she maintains with my investigation that the United Nations literally stole from me.






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