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MK-Ultra Victim Exposes International Money Laundering System That Funds Terrorism & Trafficking

Updated: Mar 6

According to Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico he is a walking survivor of MK-Ultra Neuralink brain implant technology experimentation. He explains he has been continually tortured by the operators of his implant and the Freemasonic Deep State has strategically prevented humanitarian assistance. The following story and transcript were translated from Spanish to English so there is a slight bit lost in translation, but its well worth the read and hopefully results in justice served.

Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores Blow's The Whistle:

My name is Pedro Eduardo Félix Flores I am in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, and Elon Musk has kept my brain connected to computers since 2016. I am a survivor of the organ trafficking laboratories and illegal experiments that are maintained by Neuralink in Mexico. During Enrique Peña Nieto's presidential term, human rights activists and defenders were married and directly persecuted by the United States' Pentagon with the use of military devices that were lodged inside people's bodies without knowing it. Within the investigation of the main source of money laundering of the Federal Government in Mexico as well as the governments of multiple countries that deliver all their resources directly to the pentagon through the Mercadopago.com platform. Mercadolibre.com is the largest black market in pseudo-political Freemasonry with a satanic orientation. To denounce the slavery of Mexico by artificial intelligence by establishing a series of protocols within the institutions in charge of protecting the Mexican currency to allow the payment system Mercadopago.com to exercise money laundering in each of the deposits a phantom company generated by the institutions and by the same bank in Mexico.

Mercadopago.com turns out to be the virtual currency that unifies 18 countries with America since the presidency of Bill Clinton this currency trading system allows Hillary Clinton to finance elections, terrorism, and war taking money from all over America. The biggest thief, together with the pentagon in a pact where the United Nations is responsible for the poverty and hunger caused by migration. They take all the money through the platform Mercadolibre.com and privatize all the companies in the country, appropriating of the products, receiving the payments with their own management system, generating a monster in artificial intelligence that completely destroyed the nation in 20 years. This has successfully established the first slavery by artificial intelligence that establishes its own government law courts in order to finance the same Islamic State. The Islamic state is financed directly via Mercadopago.com the currency generated by the pentagon evidencing how Visa and MasterCard after September 11 unified the currencies of 18 countries in an international money lau