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Project Looking Glass: Area 51/S4 (Level 4-2)

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

This article seeks to act as an informative introductory guide to disclosing Project Looking Glass. This project surrounds a "looking glass device" that is located at Area 51/S4 (level 4-2) on what is known as "Alice's Floor". This device utilizes quantum technology enabling the user(s) to remote view (confirmed by 1983 US Army & CIA document "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process) the past or future using their consciousness to guide them. It is believed this device is how Q/QAnon, Trump, & The White Hat Military Alliance know every move the Deep State plans to make before they ever make it. This technology allows The White Hats to plan ahead and expose the Deep State Freemasonic Illuminati Jesuit Khazarian Globalist Luciferian Cabal for their corruption and crimes against humanity, including depopulation via genetic biowarfare packaged as a COVID-19 mRNA injection. Equally, the Cabal has also accessed this technology and for that reason they know that no matter what they try to do to change the timeline to a negative timeline that they cannot stop the collective consciousness from raising its vibration, thus increasing discernment, also known as the Great Awakening. The following are design schematics, images, Q drops, and videos regarding the looking glass device located at Area 51/S4 (level 4-2).

Area S4 (Level 4-2) "Alice's Floor"
Project Looking Glass Device (Area S4 Level 4-2)
Area S4 (Level 4-1) The Dark Side Of The Moon

The first time "looking glass" was mentioned in a Q Drop:

The second time "looking glass" was mentioned in a Q Drop:

Now we know why Trump keep's starring at glasses...

Trump Looking Through The Looking Glass

It is believed that John G. Trump (Trump's uncle), was entrusted with the confiscated workings of Nikola Tesla pertaining to free energy, anti-gravity, invisibility, and even time travel simply by telling the FBI that there was no real substance to any of the notes. These "notes" realistically held valuable information pertaining to inventions and patents that were handed off to none other than Donald J. Trump.

Nikola Tesla, Donald Trump & John G. Trump Time Travel Machine Documents Chan Post
Jesse D. Presley, John G. Trump & Julian Assange

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Andrew Stringer-higman
Andrew Stringer-higman
Sep 09, 2023

This link, the second one down in "supporting links" is not working. Also, any more on this? Seems the "white rabbit" leads to here but then it becomes rather foggy.

Operation Q
Operation Q
Sep 09, 2023
Replying to

ThankQ I have updates that link with an archive of the site. Seems they got targeted with a virus scam.

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