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The Homosexual Agenda and Hip-Hop

Updated: Mar 13

The belief that "they" have been using the hip-hop marketplace to push the LGBTQ agenda has become more widespread than ever, and with valid reason. This phenomenon isn’t limited to hip-hop, but it is easier to observe here as hip-hop peers are willing to speak on the subject more openly than in other genres that are more commonly censored for political correctness. Here are a few videos to supplement:

Most Americans, myself included, view homosexuality as a personal aspect of another person’s life that is none of the other person's business. No, I am not a homophobe; you are all my brothers and my sisters. With continued upheld respect to that notion, we are speaking here of homosexuality in a global purview and not on an individual level strictly to determine the “consequences” had, if any, on society that would motivate a malign force to exploit sexuality for a profit. For one, if every person on the planet were to be homosexual, we deduce we would likely go extinct within the span of a single generation. Secondly with regards to the LGBTQ movement, if there are no longer to be two definitive genders, then do not any and all distinctions become subjective along with it, given that even biological standards no longer preside over what we decide is proper language? It screams chaos, and that is indeed the goal.

In shortened terms and worded for those who avoid theology: they are essentially trying to throw you off of the groove that you were born onto. Look up photos of the baphomet, a rendering of satan. What do you notice? Almost all illustrations include male and female reproductive organs on the same creature; also called transgenderism. Ring a bell? Yes, that is the idealistic imagery which satanists draw inspiration from. Remember, luciferianism and satanism’s primary goal is to invert God and Truth, and so for them, the further from God the more fitting.

God is perfect in every way, and so the baphomet is the opposite; We are God’s children made in His image, and so satanists wish for us to make ourselves look and behave differently than our true, inspired-by God, self. In doing this, we fall on our own sword by denying the necessary toiling of growing and doing what we don't want to (Romans 7:14-25), and instead seeking worldly desires.

Should we believe Sean Combs or Young Thug are aware of the full scope of what they are doing? No, they are just getting paid and being fed lies. Nevertheless it is we the audience who pay the toll, subliminally being influenced into defying our natural state of being, and thereafter glorifying iniquity as if it were the opposite. Satan can only win with big fat lies, because truth always lifts and completes. May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ protect you gracefully and awesomely from the cunning thorns of the world. Babylon is falling.






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