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Tom MacDonald: Renegade & The Revolution (Full Albums)

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Tom MacDonald solely released these two albums Renegade & The Revolution as purchasable CD's on November 18, 2022 to prevent the masonicly controlled record labels from owning his masters and profiting off of his struggle. These albums are not available on most streaming services and are available for purchase only on Tom refuses to sell out and explains so on some of the songs included on these two patriotic conscious albums, even debunking some false claims about his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller (which turns out to be merely her stage name).

In the following video clip from Tom MacDonald's YouTube he explains how hard he worked for an entire year on these two albums in order to put out the best music he has ever created to date in order to truly fight the music industry and give us two masterpieces of conscious rap music. He details that he wanted every track to be a 10/10 elaborating that he wrote and rewrote the lyrics entirely himself, even producing the beats, playing instruments and recording instrumentals.

The following video is a re-uploaded copy of Tom MacDonald's livestream where he initially debuted the two albums and their track listing prior to their release.

Purchase Renegade & The Revolution Albums

Not so coincidentally, but both albums have exactly 17 songs and a total runtime of 66 minutes each which appears to be a shoutout to Operation Q. He specifically mentions Q Anon on the song "See God" and makes references to the Freemasons and Illuminati essentially mocking these secret societies by putting their satanic 66 right in their faces. The Renegade album features two appearances from his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller, which may or may not be uncredited officially. Both albums were engineered, mastered and mixed by Evan Morgan. The albums are the furthest thing from mainstream, essentially a combination of conscious hip-hop, rap, and rock.

Download Renegade & The Revolution Albums

If you cannot afford to purchase these albums and support Tom MacDonald's work that is alright by me and I have gladly zipped these two albums here and made them available for you to directly download in 320kbps for free, add them to your iTunes library, share them far and wide and enjoy!

Click To Download RAR Zip / Zippyshare:

Tom MacDonald Renegade & The Revolution
Download RAR • 361.39MB
Renegade Track Listing:
The Revolution Track Listing:

Stream Renegade & The Revolution

On Apple Music, Tom has officially released only the singles from these two albums for individual download/streaming. About a month after the initial album releases a fake Tom MacDonald account released the entire albums for streaming on their SoundCloud on December 14, 2022:

Conscious Lyrical Analysis

"Dirty Money" mentions how Pfizer bluntly invests and sponsors the mainstream media via advertising dollars. Followed by the fact that the leftists plant freedom fighters to infiltrate the right. Then Tom explains how a lot of these alleged freedom fighters are really in it for a quick cash grab like "Let's Go Brandon" shirts. Relatedly, how Amazon made billions from sanitizer and ineffective masks while the normie sheeple were all lab rats injecting themselves with genocidal experimental mRNA nanotech:

[Verse 1] Got investment capital and segments sponsorеd by Pfizer And the freedom fighters I feel likе the left just plants them To infiltrate the right its extensive planning Then it happens overnight it's impressive branding Making a million off of a shirts that say Let's Go Brandon It's a cash grab Everyone's a lab rat Amazon made billions of dollars from sanitizer and black masks

"See God" addresses the circulating conspiracy theory that Tom's girlfriend is an Illuminati bloodline descendant due to her stage name "Rockafeller" just after he directly calls out the Freemasons stating they have no control over his lyricism. Later in the song Tom questions why would the Illuminati even want someone like him who used to have a drinking addiction and cannot be controlled? Furthermore stating he did not need a sacrifice nor did he sell his soul to make it where he is now in the music game. He implies that because he is exposing truth with his music that the cabal may try to silence him by getting him imprisoned and suiciding him:

[Verse 1] I ain’t got the bloodline that makes you enlightened, no masons controllin’ what I say Novas last name is “Paholek”, you know that the Rockafeller name is fake So go tell your Qanon homies that none of them know me [Verse 2] Why the hell would the Illuminati want a alcoholic with a mental problem? I can’t be controlled, I don’t fit the mold They want Britney Spears, not Dennis Rodman I am self-made, did it on my own I never needed help, or a sacrificial goat Not connected to the devil, I will never sell my soul I’m a kid who did it all for his girl and his folks, yup I’m exposin’ the truth if they hit so well They gon’ come for me, and I’mma give ‘em hell Before I end up dead or in a prison cell "Tom MacDonald didn’t kill himself"

"Sheeple" covers the fact that humans have always been controlled by the Khazarian Mafia since civilizations were established, which is the reason we are not allowed to criticize the Jews. The Khazarian bloodlines interbreed and intermarry in order to keep their bloodline pure, whilst disguising their true religion of Luciferianism by claiming they are Jewish. Tom explains we will never be free until we unite as one team, We The People. Tom touches upon the fact that Trump supporters are labeled as racist, but in realty that is impossible because it was Trump's great grandfather Abraham Lincoln (also a republican) who ended slavery. Followed by, addressing the fact that conspiracy theories are labeled as misinformation or disinformation simply because the truth is too much for the normies to handle:

[Verse 1] Humans been controlled since the day that they was civilized The truth has been so heavily politicized If you don't know who's controllin' you and killin' all the little guys Find out who you're not allowed to criticize [Chorus] We can't be free (No!) Can't have no peace 'til we're on the same team [Verse 2] Trump supporters labeled as the racists, but that can't be Lincoln was Republican, and that's who ended slavery [Verse 3] And the conspiracy theories labeled as misinformation It's just the terrifying truth that scares the hell out the nation

"The Machine" discusses how America is being run by communists and Nazis who will censor and cancel anything that does not align with their agenda. When he refers to evil running the world he means the Luciferian Khazarian Mafia who own the mainstream media news companies so modern day book burning is as simple as deleting facts or banning people that do not fit their agenda. Tom explains that due to the constant propaganda society feels like it has been subjected to a psychological holocaust where humanity is still enslaved. Tom touches on the fact that critical race theory has been deployed to further indoctrinate our children and reinforce race based division. Tom mentions that he politically does not lean in any direction because he took the redpill meaning he has truly awakened to the fact that both sides of the spectrum are controlled:

[Verse 1] I am not Republican, I am not a Liberal Why the hell can't I just be American without getting political? The system gon' suppress us all, they don't care about the cost How's this a democracy when we got communists in charge? Cancel culture, Nazis, all they're missing is the swastikas Honestly, this is a psychological holocaust Pumpin' propaganda through the screen and straight into your brain You ain't on a plantation, but you definitely still a slave Race theory is indoctrinating children Tell blacks they're disadvantaged, tell whites they got white privilege What a brilliant way to reinforce division If whites believe they have it easy they will never help you fight the system And now they burnin' books in untraditional ways They just traded newspapers for the digital age Now the facts can be deleted with no physical flames They just change the information and the truth gets erased [Verse 3] I'm not Republican or Liberal, or left-wing or right-leaning I took the red pills cause that's what's fighting for my freedoms And you don't need to choose to be accepted they build fake teams Evil runs the world now like hell ain't got no vacancy

"The System" covers the fact that as soon as you enter the world the indoctrination is initiated on your mind, especially when you experience the public school curriculum. Tom explains if the school system does not do the job at brainwashing you then rest assured the fake news will. He goes on to explain as soon as you choose a side, for example with voting then everyone loses as the entire system is rigged and we are all victims of the controllers violence:

[Verse 1] The indoctrination starts as soon as you come out the womb Pretty quick we'll make you stupid with curriculums at school And if the classroom doesn't do the trick, we'll make you watch the news Pick your team, right or left, pick the red pill or the blue You can vote, but even if you win, still everyone will lose [Chorus] Welcome to the system, everyone's a victim Doesn't matter if you're black or white, it hates you all Here inside the system, violence is a symptom

"Trigger Happy" discuses the LGBTQ agenda promoted by social justice warriors whom claim they are progressive, but are more so communist Marxists who have divided the country and destroyed patriotic national pride:

[Verse 1] LGBTQ I'm speaking truthfully A corporation with a rainbow in their logo isn't what it used to be They're hopin' you believe then support gender fluid humans See, it's really just some marketing that targets your community [Pre-Chorus] Woke supremacy Social justice warriors are enemies Claimin' their progressive while destroying us effectively Vilified the patriots and national pride Make the nation hate the country, then take over from inside

Music Videos Appearing On The Albums







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