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Tom MacDonald: Renegade & The Revolution (Full Albums)

Updated: Apr 2

Tom MacDonald solely released these two albums Renegade & The Revolution as purchasable CD's on November 18, 2022 to prevent the masonicly controlled record labels from owning his masters and profiting off of his struggle. These albums are not available on most streaming services and are available for purchase only on Tom refuses to sell out and explains so on some of the songs included on these two patriotic conscious albums, even debunking some false claims about his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller (which turns out to be merely her stage name).

In the following video clip from Tom MacDonald's YouTube he explains how hard he worked for an entire year on these two albums in order to put out the best music he has ever created to date in order to truly fight the music industry and give us two masterpieces of conscious rap music. He details that he wanted every track to be a 10/10 elaborating that he wrote and rewrote the lyrics entirely himself, even producing the beats, playing instruments and recording instrumentals.

The following video is a re-uploaded copy of Tom MacDonald's livestream where he initially debuted the two albums and their track listing prior to their release.

Purchase Renegade & The Revolution Albums

Not so coincidentally, but both albums have exactly 17 songs and a total runtime of 66 minutes each which appears to be a shoutout to Operation Q. He specifically mentions Q Anon on the song "See God" and makes references to the Freemasons and Illuminati essentially mocking these secret societies by putting their satanic 66 right in their faces. The Renegade album features two appearances from his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller, which may or may not be uncredited officially. Both albums were engineered, mastered and mixed by Evan Morgan. The albums are the furthest thing from mainstream, essentially a combination of conscious hip-hop, rap, and rock.

Download Renegade & The Revolution Albums

If you cannot afford to purchase these albums and support Tom MacDonald's work that is alright by me and I have gladly zipped these two albums here and made them available for you to directly download in 320kbps for free, add them to your iTunes library, share them far and wide and enjoy!

Click To Download RAR Zip / Zippyshare:

Tom MacDonald - Renegade & The Revolution - Full Albums 320kbps

Tom MacDonald Renegade & The Revolution
Download RAR • 361.39MB
Renegade Track Listing:
The Revolution Track Listing:
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