• Ichthys Fish

'The Luciferian Perspective'

Updated: Mar 13

Since you are on this site, there is a good chance you are familiar with things like Pizzagate, Freemasonry, Covid-19 hoaxes, the Illuminati, and the globalist agenda. You may have asked yourself, as I have: “What kind of influence drives someone to do such things?” These acts are not something we have presented to us out in the open. In fact, they are kept secret at all costs because they fear YOU. You reading this are an exemplary model of noble character that makes these demons tremble at the thought of being brought to the light.

John 3:20-21.

Going back to our investigation of what drives somebody to conspire against innocence and deceive the masses, only to find jest in it. There are several answers to that question, the most common being compulsive sexual behavior (often resulting from childhood trauma), and greed. These individuals may be found in every corner of our society.

In this piece, we are going to attempt to concisely address a more theological and elaborately disturbed approach to the justification of pedophilia, cannibalism, and other Deep State addictions: the luciferian approach. Take a look at this video:

“Have you ever been called worshipful master?”

“No, because I’ve just been too busy helping people. Like you.”

Adding context, the man in this video is a Shriner. Shriners are the branch of Freemasonry that specialize in child healthcare…yeah, okay. You have probably seen them before parading around on miniature cars and wearing fez’s. Take note of his positive body language and uplifted voice. Sure, he is insane to us, but he seems to really believe he is doing a good thing. This is true to him, and he is not being insincere in his stances. This is a critical point to acknowledge if you wish to know your enemy, and if your enemy so happens to be satanists.

We need to review the story of lucifer to understand how this man justifies his ways in his own mind. For non religious folk, as a preface I do not mean to ostracize you by speaking of God literally. Though this is my faith as a Christian, most importantly for you is to know that luciferians do believe in God, so I will be addressing Biblical context as Fact for both of these reasons with no disrespect to the reader’s personal relationship with God or lack thereof.

When God created the heavens and the angels, a hierarchy of angels was also formed with the Archangels being at the top of rank. Among these Archangels was Lucifer, also called “lightbringer” or the morningstar. He was the highest ranking angel and was “perfect in thy ways” (Ezekiel 28:15). Being far superior to the other angels, Lucifer felt entitled to and began to seek the Throne of God, and was able to deceive some other angels with his cunning into following him. Lucifer and his angels attempted to overthrow God, but lucifer was cast out to the lake of fire by the Archangel Michael (whose name means “Who is like God?”...The answer is nobody, luciferians!). Lucifer became a fallen angel (now Satan in the carnal form). He plots revenge on The Lord by attacking His creations, which he hates.

Through all of this, Lucifer believes he is justified due to his God-given gifts, and convinces others to conspire with him by offering them many worldly things in exchange for their souls (this likely rings a bell to many of you that have researched how the entertainment industry operates).

Even Jesus Himself was tempted by Satan in the wilderness and obviously did not falter, and we are far more fallible than the Perfect Son of God. Satan runs the world in many ways. According to the Word, God loves us so much that He gave us His Only Begotten Son, Whom is Him simultaneously, to be a sacrifice for us to be granted eternal Life. That is why Jesus is the Lamb of God, because He came here not only to perform signs to prove He is He, but to be resurrected and ascended into heaven so that we may believe in Him and therefore be saved through Him. Jesus lays out instructions for discipleship throughout the Gospels, so that one may follow God in servitude.

To retie that to the discussion, luciferian belief is centered around following oneself rather than God, just as lucifer himself did, under the false notion that 1) they are superior to God or 2) that by playing God, they will be able to rise to meet Him. This would be triggering the apocalypse (this paragraph is the centerpiece of this article).

Insanity has many definitions, but to wish harm upon oneself and the entire world only to be punished to eternal hellfire for a lack of repentance must be the most profound example of insanity I’ve ever heard. One can speculate if it is possession that causes somebody to become so immoral, and perhaps that is so. One may also deduce it to be a combination of such spiritual warfare and the seductiveness of the promise of worldly pleasures.

I want to lastly revisit belief #2: that by playing God, they will be able to rise to meet Him. Let us use a metaphor: God is in the sky. Christians are preparing their home on the ground for the Lord’s return, as was instructed of them. The luciferians on the other hand, are building a giant ladder to try and meet God where He sits, either to impress their Father or to overthrow Him. I personally weep for those who aim to impress Him in this way, because it is a very deceitful and destructive path that they are vulnerable to go down, as we have seen.

Matthew 19:16-26.

Righteousness is righteousness, but resentment is like