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Vincent Fusca (JFK Jr.) Spotted At Trump Pennsylvania Rally

Updated: Jan 16

Vincent Fusca, one of the disguises believed to be concealing the true identity of John F. Kennedy Jr, was seen cheering with the crowd behind President Trump holding a red "Peaceful Protestor" sign at the Moon Township, Pennsylvania Rally on September 22, 2020. Trump even addresses the fact that there are "unbelievable undercover operatives" in the crowd that he would like to introduce, but cannot as they may lose some effectiveness if introduced.

Here are the video clips in question, we can see Vincent Fusca (JFK Jr.) on the left:

Starting from 1:19:30 in the full length clip of the rally you can see Vincent Fusca duck his head when he realizes the media is filming him.

Higher Quality Streamable Link

Recently a new twitter profile has popped up claiming to be JFK Jr. even writing "I'm back!" in the twitter bio:

The profile also appeared to have a never before seen photo of JFK Jr. which has now been confirmed to not be a photoshop thanks to forensic imaging software.

If we take a look at the ear for example we can see the shape is identical, both in the above and below images.

Another tweet shows Vincent Fusca smiling with thumbs up inside the White House under a painting of JFK. Only very limited people have access to the White House. Could Vincent Fusca aka JFK Jr. already be instated as VP of the Trump administration? Mike Pence was executed long ago for his involvement with crimes against humanity after all.

Then we have both Fox News & OANN focusing in on Vincent Fusca, almost as if they know:

Then we have RFK Jr. posting a mysterious photo with who is believed to be JFK Jr. behind the mask, which has since been deleted:

In addition to the two following separate occasions where RFK Jr. confirmed the return of JFK Jr. with the tap of his nose and the rub of his eye:

Oh and we certainly can't forget the time he showed up to a rally in nearly no disguise, I call this the clean shaven hat and glasses look:

Then we flashback at JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette investigating their own crash scene?

Followed by a more recently surfaced photo of JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette holding what seems to be some type of smartphone:

Please enjoy this nice collage I have put together for you to easily spread JFK Jr.'s face as we await his public return:

Then from the largest JFK account on twitter before the purge that removed Trump's account we received the heavily awaited "Storm Is Upon Us" tweet. It is important to note that Q drop 55 does not state Trump will tweet the message, symbolic for the military operation initiating the worldwide takedown of the Luciferian cabal. Interestingly enough in simple gematria JFK Jr. also equals 55. Moreover, 55 = 5:5 = "comms clear" / "loud & clear" in military comms, therefore JFK Jr. confirming he is Q and that the storm is very much already upon us.

The following is JFK Sr. now-a-days, in case you were not convinced he faked his death with a double to evade the cabals assassination attempts on him. He would be 103 years old in the picture on the left, although rumors have circulated that he may have past away in 2020.

Lastly, we have the beloved Kayleigh McEnany who is believed to be one of four of JFK Jr. & Carolyn Bessette's secret children that were had behind the scenes:






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