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Tyranny: Politically Biased Censorship, Paid Discreditation Shills, & Fact Checkers

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It is being reported that Silicon Valley Big Tech sites like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, & YouTube have developed an extremely noticeable trend of censoring and fact-checking truth disclosing content and pro-Trump/MAGA/Qanon content. They get away with banning, censoring, fact-checking, and removing by claiming it is "hateful speech" or "goes against the site's policy."

In reality, it has become extremely evident that they are attempting to interfere with the upcoming 2020 US Presidential Election by censoring content that goes against their political views.

On top of the blatant communist censorship, these sites have become flooded with discreditation shills, many of which are paid to antagonize, control and spin the narrative in the comment sections. In our opinion it seems quite clear as their tactics are repetitive and easily noticed. This is information warfare - will you be fighting for light or darkness?

Politically Biased Censorship

On June 29, 2020 CCP funded Reddit decided to ban the largest MAGA/pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald for violating rule 1, 2 & 8 even though it has been inactive for months since it's users fled Reddit to have free speech on TheDonald.Win. Along with that, 2000 other subreddits were also banned, which is believed to be an attempt to mix r/The_Donald in with actual hate speech subreddits like r/ChapoTrapHouse to further smear Trump and his supporters. Coincidentally, Twitch which is owned by Jeff Bezos/Amazon temporarily banned Trump’s official channel for violating Twitch’s policy on hateful speech. This is sadly not new behaviour for Reddit as back in 2018 they banned one of the largest Qanon communities r/GreatAwakening.

Reddit Bans r/The_Donald

This resulted in Parler, an unbiased censorship free social media platform skyrocketing to the number one most downloaded app in the App Store. The uprise in Parler downloads can also be attributed to the undeniably blatant censorship of conservatives on Twitter flocking to a new platform where they can speak freely. Meanwhile the App Store itself is participating in political censorship by removing All Qanon apps.

Recently, Porject Veritas has exposed the politically biased censorship of conservatives and MAGA supporters on Facebook and it's primary moderation/fact-checker service Cognizant in the following video.

This heavily relates to Facebook's April 2020 Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report where they openly disclose the removal of 5 Pages, 20 Accounts, and 6 Groups simply because they discussed Qanon content. What is even more ironic is that Facebook tried to call Twitter out for fact-checking and regularly does so itself.

As things get closer to the election Facebook continues to censor truthers and conservative users for weeks or months at a time from using groups, commenting, and liking. As seen below is a example of censorship I personally experienced for sharing these very articles you are reading. Right up until the point where they disabled/deleted my account entirely on October 21, 2020 without reason.

At the exact same time as my Facebook being disabled my THIRD Instagram account was also disabled. Upon trying to create a new one this time around using a new email I received the following popups. To the left on mobile I was told they could not register my account and to the right from desktop I was told my IP address has been flagged as an open proxy.

Similarly to Facebooks approach at biased moderation, Reddit allows a group of 6 moderators to control the narrative and information flow across 118 of the top 500 subreddits. These are all subreddits that are shown on the front page of the website and thus get the most exposure.

If you ask any active right-wing, MAGA/Trump supporter, or Qanon truther if they have been banned from any subreddits for speaking the truth, almost all of them carry a mental list where they have been permanently banned and thus censored, often without reason. We where that on our shoulder like a badge of honour. When these users ask for the reason they have been banned they are often met with childish offensive remarks from moderators or muted immediately. Below is a example of a user ironically being banned from r/FreeSpeech, upon asking politely for a reason, they were muted.

You would think platforms like Discord would be safe from this kind of censorship as they are closed groups via invite mainly, but nope they are purging QAnon & truthers just like myself also as seen below. They deem that QAnon servers violate their regulations.

Similarly, YouTube is known for removing any content that does not align with the fake news narrative, demonetization of accounts that try and disclose the full truth, and now they are even preventing users from watching videos with intrusive pop-up warnings on smart TVs as seen below. More recently, we have seen YouTube outright ban QAnon accounts all together much like the rest of the big tech censorship oligarchy.

Paid Discreditation Shills

These shills are literally paid in many cases by either ActBlue, CTR, Shareblue, Media Matters, NATO, or a George Soros subsidiary. Astroturfing government shills also make up 25% of social media comments, aimed at spinning the narrative. The shills try to spin the narrative in the comments section as far away from the truth as possible, I'm sure you have seen it before. They deploy tactics such as: antagonizing, spewing hatred, scoffing, fallacies, gaslighting, wrap-up smears, disinformation, blatant lying, threats, lazy insults, and Anti-Trump/Anti-Q propaganda.

The truth is they are the weakest of debaters and they have no evidence to support their disinformation campaign which is why they respond with tactics on the debate pyramid besides direct refuting the central point as seen below.

Here is an example buzzword pay scheme that paid shills were using in 2019 to smear Trump, likely still in effect and updated to contain more current buzzwords like WWG1WGA:

Here is the most updated shill playbook found on 8kun which is used to discredit, infiltrate, and smear the QAnon movement.

2020 Shill Playbook

Supporting Links:

Common Shill Phrases:

  • "Take your meds"

  • "Meth/crack is a hell of a drug"

  • "I'm so sorry/I feel bad for your family"

  • "Schizophrenic"

  • “Autistic”

  • "Delusional"

  • "Boomer"

  • “Tinfoil hat”

  • “Qult/Cult/Qultist/Cultist”

  • "Qockroach"

  • “Qcumber”

  • “Qtard”

  • "Qanon & flat earthers make the conspiracy community look stupid"

  • "LARP"

  • "Russian bot/propaganda"

  • "Seek help"

  • "Drink bleach"

  • "Glue sniffer"

  • "Derangement syndrome"

  • "Go back to the Donald"

  • "Trump is a zionist/racist/rapist"

  • "Photoshop"

  • "Goal posts moving again"

  • "Qanon is a psyop/controlled opposition"

  • "This has already been debunked by _______" (insert politically biased fact-checker)

Noteable Deep State Shill Subreddits:

These are focused specifically on attacking, discrediting, mocking, & spinning Qanon content. I want you to know how to spot these shills as you endeavour on your journey of mass awakening! The best way to deal with them is to simply not reply. If they engage in targeted harassment, threats, rudeness, vulgarness or offensive comments, please be sure to do your part and report them. I have been asking around for the current shill buzzword pay scheme, but shills always seem to ignore and mods always seem to remove the comment? Would any traitor like to share?


The truth about fact-checkers is that they are a Democrat Globalist Deep State tool to control the narrative on social media platforms. They are all founded or funded by the same group of corrupt deep state individuals. We have already explored the deceptive Cognizant above thanks to Project Veritas, but let's take a look at some of the other obvious and annoying fact-checkers.

Snopes.com (Funded By George Soros)

MediaMatters.org (Funded By George Soros)

PolitiFact.com (Funded By The Clinton Foundation)

FactCheck.org (Established By Obama)

Facebook uses these Deep State fake news aligned fact-checkers to censor content from being seen and remove content entirely in a communist fashion.






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