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The Illuminati Nazi World Order (NWO): Obama Is Hitler's Biological Grandson, A Khazar Rothschild

Updated: Mar 8

The purpose of this article is to act as a quick introductory history lesson on how the illegitimate president Barack Obama is Hitler's biological grandson. This is just a sliver of Obamagate and what Trump is truly up against when it comes to the Marxist Socialist Communist Luciferian Khazarian Globalist Fascist Zionist Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminati Nazi World Order (NWO).

To cut to the chase, the U.S.A did not win WWII, but rather the Nazi's withdrew to reformulate and infiltrate worldwide. Hitler faked his death in the bunker by using his butler who was also his body double. His wife also faked her death via cyanide poisoning, followed by changing her name, so she could have their 4 NWO daughters in secrecy.

According to the declassified document below, Hitler fled to Argentina along with other Schutzstaffel (SS) until he later died a natural death in a car crash in 1957. In addition to Argentina, the SS also fled to U.S.A via Operation Paperclip and formed NASA or escaped to Antarctic underground Nazi military bases.

The following family tree demonstrates how Hitler was secretly a Rothschild descendent and therefore is also part Jewish (Khazarian Zionist). Meaning that Barack Obama is also a Rothschild descendent and also part Jewish. What's even more interesting is that Obama's real biological father was the founder of an Indonesian Islamic cult known as Subud, which his biological mother was also a member of. No wonder there are so many issues relating to Obama's fake birth certificates.

Rothschild, Hitler, Dunham, & Obama Family Tree

While secretly impregnated with Barack by Bapak she moved to Kenya to give birth to him. She married Barack Sr. in 1961 and this is how Barack II inherited his first stepfathers name. When it was clear that he was not his child the marriage quickly failed in 1964, and Ann married Lolo Soetoro in 1965. Soon after they had Maya Kasandra Soetoro, who would be Barack's half-sister.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. & Barack Hussein Obama II
Barack Hussein Obama Sr. & Ann Dunham
Lolo Soetoro, Ann Dunham Soetoro, Maya Soetoro, & Barry Soetoro
Ann Dunham & Barack Hussein Obama II
Ann Dunham & Barack Hussein Obama II
Ann Dunham, Barack Hussein Obama II, & Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham

Relatedly, Ann Dunham's siblings (Angela Merkel, Theresa May, & Dalia Grybauskaite) are also Obama's aunts all of which also held roles of power as part of the Khazarian Zionist Jesuit Illuminati Globalist Fascist Communist NWO agenda which has transformed from the 3rd Reich to the 4th Reich. The idea is to ensure the Illuminati offspring are strategically placed into high level positions in various countries to further the communistic Nazi World Order. Must be a coincidence that Theresa and Dalia were both unseated from their positions of power in 2019, even though they were likely implicated for crimes against humanity and executed behind the scene.

Angela Merkel, Theresa May, & Dalia Grybauskaite
Angela Merkel & Barack Hussein Obama II: Aunt & Nephew Share A Kiss

This explains why US Congress quietly enabled funding under Obama's approval by lifting the ban on funding for the neo-Nazi Ukraine Azov Battalion via the 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act. The Azov Special Operations Detachment is a right-wing white supremacist extremist Neo-Nazi paramilitary unit of the National Guard of Ukraine (since November 12, 2014) based in Mariupol, in the Azov Sea coastal region. In 2014, the regiment gained attention after allegations of torture, war crimes, Nazi sympathies and Nazi symbolism. Their very logo features the combination of the Luciferian Occult Nazi Black Sun and the Nazi Wolfsangel (one of the original Nazi symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich). In addition, the Ukrainian Crest featured at the bottom of the Azov emblem has the exact likeness of the Khazarian Tamga.

Ukraine National Guard - Azov Special Operations Unit

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