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Archiving The Research: Do Not Let Big Tech Memory-Hole Deep State Sins!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

If you’re looking to contribute to fighting the information war but are not sure how - I have a few very simple ways to help out.

  1. Find an old hard drive, buy one, use a usb, or use what you have already on hand.

  2. Download deep state / nwo research videos from YouTube (they could be deleted, but are for certain being suppressed in search results across YT and Google!)

  3. Upload the videos to Bitchute.

  4. Share the video links across reddit or other mainstream outlets and encourage people to think for themselves.

As we know, YouTube videos/channels get taken down often. You can download investigations and vital evidence (pizza gate, clinton body count, etc) using various methods.

I recommend a program called iTubeDownloader (like $8). There is also changing ways on how to download the videos raw from Chrome using Developer tools.

patriot_pat from TheDonald.Win shared this application:

I've been using THIS ( ) one. It's free, portable (no installation required) and works with WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Wine. Just be sure to set the settings for the type and quality of file you want to end up with before you do the download. Or at least experiment with a few before you go to grab something critical. 

thanks to thedrbooty from TheDonald.Win who shared this method:

1.	Search for youtube-dl.exe.
2.	You need a tiny bit of computer savvy to use it. There are a lot of features, but the main download is simple.
3.	Put the file youtube-dl.exe in a folder Now, open a cmd prompt, go the the folder with a command like, cd/(foldername)
4.	Next, type the command youtube-dl.exe (link of youtube video)

You can upload these videos to, which will not ban the videos.

Bitchute doesn’t require SMS validation.

A VPN / Tor is always recommended if you can to protect yourself. Remember these companies do have your IP address, (a post for another day).


You can share across reddit / youtube comments that since The_Donald has been silenced that is the new sub. You can also share other links so videos on bit chute / infowars ( or anything you think if vital information that is usually otherwise banned from mainstream social platforms.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Be well all!







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