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Kamala Harris: Corrupt Former Prosecutor Selected As Joe Biden's 2020 Running Mate

Updated: Mar 6

Although Kamala Harris said she "does not believe Biden is a racist" she essentially suggested that Joe Biden is not just a racist, but a rapist as well in relation to the Tara Reade case. This makes it all the more surprising that Sleepy Joe has selected Harris as his VP nominee for the 2020 presidential election. Can he be that confused? With all the racist remarks Biden is famously known for and the growing sexual assault allegations, it's clear he really does need the help of a corrupt black woman for this election.

On that note, it's important we address some facts regarding Kamala Harris' birth and heritage as she falsely claims to be an "African-American," but has no direct African heritage as neither of her immigrant parents are African. Furthermore, she was raised in Canada not even the United States, which doesn't help her case of being a “natural born” citizen which is a requirement when running for the presidency in any capacity including VP.

Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Certificate of Live Birth.

Thomas Madison from Powdered Wig Society stated:

March 13, 2019

It appears Kamala Harris is attempting to pull a Barack Hussein in 2020, failing to meet the citizenship requirement to serve as president, but running anyway. Why not? Hussein got away with it.
The “natural born citizen” language in the Constitution, as inconvenient as it may be, is where both Hussein and Harris fall short in qualifying to serve as president.
As with all children born to foreigners in the United States, Harris is a “naturalized” citizen, a so-called “anchor baby,” not a “natural born” citizen, a night and day difference in terms of qualifying to serve as President of the United States as outlined in Section 1, Article 2 of our Constitution.

1. Kamala Harris is an anchor baby, born to a Caucasian Indian mother and a Jamaican father. 

Until and unless Harris can prove otherwise, this appears to be true, as Harris’ birth certificate, below, proves.

2. Kamala Harris is not African-American, she is Jamaican-Indian. 

Technically, true, although I believe Harris is leaning on her Jamaican heritage to claim African descent, as many Jamaicans were descendants of African slaves.

3. Kamala Harris is not eligible to hold the position of President of the United States. 

True, according to all that we know and Section 1, Article 2 of our Constitution.

At the time of Kamala’s birth, her parents were were foreign students not U.S. citizens. This makes her a Jamaican-Indian anchor baby robbing actual African-American blacks of their history. Therefore, she is not eligible to hold the office of president. unless court documents prove otherwise regarding her parents citizenship at her time of birth.

It's clear Harris is using her black identity to get blacks excited about her being on the ticket, hoping they'll forget about her past history as a prosecutor that was tough-on-crime policies that some believe disproportionately hurt blacks. Wikipedia has already scrubbed her page to remove any potentially damaging information in relation to her prosecutorial record against an overwhelming minority base for non violent charges. She made her career going after minorities for non violent charges. Being tough on crime doesn't necessarily fit the entire Marxist-BLM defund the police narrative does it?

Margaret Kimberley from the Black Agenda Report stated:

January 16, 2019

Kamala Harris is no friend of black people.
She did everything in her power to support the mass incarceration system and all of its foundations.
Harris opposed legislation that would have required her office to investigate police shootings.
She always sided with law enforcement, which means she acted against the interests of black people.
As attorney general she actively opposed marijuana legalization.

As we have always known, #PizzaGate is very real and the following email from the Podesta WikiLeaks identifies that Maya Harris (Kamala's sister) is closely involved with the Clinton trafficking gang and pedo Podesta pizza party gang. For the sake of our children I think it's extremely important not to have someone connected to Satanic pedophiles that consume adrenochrome and sacrifice children in office again, Obama did more than enough damage to the United States of America. In relation to this pizza party WikiLeak implicating Maya Harris, WikiLeaks graciously reminded us of an additional 137 leaked documents involving Kamala Harris upon her selection as Sleepy Joe's running mate. Here are the 137 Kamala Harris mentions on WikiLeaks.

It also turns out that Harris has secret Freemasonic police connections and a history of protecting corrupt molestation and child trafficking scandals.

Trump was also surprised Sleepy Joe decided to pick Harris due to her mean attitude towards Kavanaugh and her extreme leftist ideologies.

Harris is so extreme and corrupt that she has openly threatened to round up Trump supporters, telling them to "look out" if they supported or endorsed his actions because the dirty DNC swamp "we'll be coming for you next."

Oh yea, to top it off, according to both Breitbart and Daily Caller Harris' father's side of the family owned multiple sugar plantations throughout the 19th-century equipped with "comfortable" slaves as Donald Harris stated, 210 to be exact. As if slavery is a comfortable thing. Not only is this information confirmed from Donald Harris (her father), but the Jamaican Family Search Genealogy Research Library even has the entire list of all 210 slaves including their names and ages (seen below). These slaves were owned by Harris' ancestor Hamilton Brown from Jamaica in 1817. He was one of the largest planters in Jamaica, even having a town named after him, Brown's Town.

The known globalist Soros funded leftist smear machine Snopes can't even call it "false" nor "partly false" because its that true, so they simply label it "unproven" in this case as to not hinder their leftist candidate any further than she already has done herself. Here she is on the day being selected as VP nominee with Soros' son likely conspiring how to further ruin America with Marxist-Communist regimes.


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